For those of us that take relaxation seriously, we are always looking for those herbal allies that live up to their ethnobotanical reputations and deliver that calming, healing relaxation that blurs the lines of recreational and medicinal therapies. Because such distinctions are absurd, when you consider that stress is the worst killer, and the so-called recreational use of any herb should be categorized as participating in one’s divine right to self medicate with nature. So we love kava, but after years of trying products we had a wide variety of results. We are always wary of certain procedures that deviate from traditional methods, or using toxic solvents, etc. and so when we finally found some truly high grade organic heirloom strain kava, that our source has perfected into a most perfect honey paste elixir, we had to connect with them on distribution level. This is artisan handmade, slowly and gently water and sunlight extracted kava, with the root being gently concentrated down to a 10x potency, and mixed with the highest grade cocoa powder. This is all digested in a most gentle waterbath, to slowly liquify organic honey with the heat of angel’s tears flowing in ecstatic bliss so that all the preserved enzymes and alkaloids are synthesized in the golden honey. The result is a delicious, edible massage and stress remover, sleep aid, pain reliever, nootropic and aphrodisiac. It seems to fit the mood, from that warm sensual pleasure of letting go, to the coaxing out of tensions and psychic knots. We have integrated this into our nightly regiment and its synthesis with the lotus products is amazing for that subtle visionary dreaming and a restful, refreshed sleep. Just see how exuberant this description is for example – because we under that kava cacao honey!*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.