Ficus foveolate Extract Powder
Maa-Kra-Tuep-Rong (in Thai)

This is the rare, somewhat secret Prancing Horse herbal extract Ficus foveolate found in Thailand also known as Maa-Kra-Tuep-Rong. It is the absolute essential male sexual tonic herb, carefully extracted using traditional Thai methods, It takes 10 kgs of raw herb to make 1 kg of this extract, which is the maximum potency and bio-availability. The phytochemical constituents of this plant include flavonoids, B-Sitosterol and stigmasterol. In traditional of medicine, it is use ficus pubigera extract for sexual tonic, general tonic or blood tonic, relieves physical exhaustion and backache. This is an excellent herb to add to honey (see our honey blend in the honey section, and a syrup forthcoming) or smoothies or some warm water for total body stimulation and adaptogenic balancing. It is very safe and sacred herb for rejuvenation, part of the Lersi tradition of Thai Hermit herbalism. It is a tonic and fasting herb for that tradition and part of many secret formula for fasting and spiritual and martial arts training. It is called Prancing Horses because when horses get it they get very sexual and energetic and prance around with stimulation and vitality. We think you will enjoy this herb! Check also for the honey version and the syrup blend with other Thai men’s herbs called Five Horses.*

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