Artisan crafted, premium Yerba Mate from our partners Vegetalista Botanicals.

All ancestral people sought stimulant herbs to rouse their spirits and energy, for warfare, hunting, labor or just to arise from a long night much as we might. We find it is good to cycle in stimulants, mixing and blending them in various ways which hits different subtle notes in the body’s responses. This minimizes adrenal fatigue and the various side-effects of various stimulating teas or coffee. A nice, refreshing and energizing cup of herbal tea is the increasingly popular Yerba Mate. We offer a green, premium organic variety, grown and harvested with great care that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and essential amino oxidants. It is a great drink for energy and focus, increasing alertness and we like it especially in other herbal tea blends for pre-workout drinks or when there is alot of tasks to be done. It does contain caffeine yet it is more mild in effects on the stomach and in producing jitters according to many. It is a great digestive aid and helps prevent bacteria, parasites and fungal infections and is said to help with various digestive issues and diarrhea. It is also used to suppress appetite and lose weight and its said to help burn fat and lower blood sugar levels and a cardiac tonic herb. It is a great immune boosting, energizing tea herb to drink straight or with honey etc. hot or cold and mixed with other energizing herbs for a boost.