A tiny bit goes a long way, less than a gram, mixed with some puerh, is perfect, making this over a month’s supply. We have had a number of samples of different sources of this herb that grows on old wild tea trees with a highly variable effect. Some were pulsating with a chi and medicinal energy while some seem flat and unimpressive. Most of the exposure was pressed into the puerh making the effects blended, and since they were quite decent teas it was overall good. But we recently sourced some very ancient high mountain from a single harvester who promised to impress us with the energy and stimulation of his offerings, so after some back and forth we decided to lay in for a decent supply and we are quite impressed. It’s a perfect herb to use sparingly on its own or with some puerh to clean the blood and to get those meridians opened. It was a reputed much loved herb to the Daoist adepts, and in its raw high mountain pristine form it very much lives up to its reputation as a first class tonic herb. A cut above the rest we have tried, limited quantities. Crabs feet is a parasitic plant found in tea trees over one hundred years old. Excessive picking of wild crabs feet has made them rarely seen nowadays. As a perennial herb, it is shaped like a small coral. It is called “crab feet” by the locals for the tips on the parasitic branches.
Crab feet can be drunk separately or together with Puerh tea. Beneficial to physical and mental health after long-term use, crab feet is an ideal health care product.
There is a special plant that grows on the ancient tea tree called Crab Legs or Feet of Crab, since its shape of the stems looks like a crab’s legs. Another name of this plant is known as Unicorn Grass. It is claimed that it has many health benefits, for example, get rid of poisons and can be slightly laxative, strength the body, thin the blood and reduce high blood pressure.*

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