It was nearly two decades ago, one of our primary teachers, then on the cusp of being a true master, sent us his library, his books, his gear and all his belongings and disappeared into the woods to complete the final levels of his training. He was a true student of the martial, healing, alchemical and hermit’s art. He passed on such skillful means and treasures that brought up his vital energy. These items become such powerful forces and recipes for mastery. They are the link between the primordial signatures that encode this visible world and the invisible realm that emanates the forms that are reflected in the mind. These items become true power sources during the shamanic and visionary initiations, as one can use them as weapons, as wands, as healing conduits for the empowered elixirs.We are trying to reach a goal for this special herbalist training, who is such a wise teacher and central to our guild. We sponsor the retreat and help to raise additional funds with his donation. Such a beneficent teacher never seeks the one-sided donation but imparts priceless empowered items for the generous support. A true act of merit and blessings to aid such a devoted adept in their training.

We bring these items which are from the Lersi in a special offering. We are raising our own donations for creating an alchemical temple, but put this objective on pause for a different cause. This is in sponsoring a season adept who is seeking to take the practice to an intensive, reclusive level. In the old days, the community would rally around the true seekers, as is still done in remote villages and temples in many traditions. Those alchemists that seek to transcend the prying eyes must gain true liberation from so many of the earthly limitations. They must procure the rare ingredients, the seclusion and privacy, as well as the means to survive in such remote locations. Therefore the next series of special offerings are to fund such a retreat, the basics of tea, the basic pre-fasting provisions, the fasting herbs, the alchemical ingredients of a few precious metals and equipment tha can not be readily made on site. Because this is such a supreme disciple, these costs are very few. The primary costs are the tools as we will be donating most of the herbs from the guild. There is never asking for anything without mutual benefit. This is the code of our teacher who always taught the deepest reciprocity. This was a main point of contrast in their ancient school that sought to never beg unless in extreme conditions and even then to do work or pay back the debts. They would structure their relationships, their community and schools in such a way, and then vanish to practice their inner cultivation, returning to check and assist if needed. Thus it was to join, one would donate labor and work or food or support in exchange for the deep support and skillful means, which was passed on guarded because of the intense nature of the work.

The highest level involves the combination of the inner and outer alchemy with the immortality herbs. If one studies this matter, it can be seen that the earliest myths were of the herb and mushroom of immortality, even back to the epic of Gilgamesh. The soma and Daoist masters are back and forth as we have discussed in the relationship of Boganathar and Bo Yang. Simply put, there was no mercury in India and this came from China and Tibet. Here is a great Mystery. In the alloys of the sacred cup was a type of ‘electrum’ of all metals. This was used to spiritualize the visionary plants. This is a special type of formula of metal. Here is where the knowledge then became fragmented and concealed. As some have noted, there was a clear campaign to change the lore, the symbolism and the identity of the sacred mushrooms in public. The true plant was substituted and the reishi or linzhi was given as a type of noble placebo, it is a very powerful and holy herb. It does give a meditative clarity, but it is not the visionary fungi of the masters in specific. The knowledge changed from the soma to amrita in Buddhist circles and other code names, replacements, analogs etc. but some retained partial memory or incomplete fragments, while others retained a fragment in entirety of a teaching, but due to various factors think their wisdom is supreme and miss the unified doctrine of the inner and outer alchemy.

This is the core of the Mystery traditions from the original Polar ancestors who understood that the volatile had to be truly fixed, as with the fixation and purification of mercury. This volatile poison in the soul, which is encased in sheaths like mercury needs to be swooned, raised and revived now purified. But it is not mere psychology as some believe. It is a process of initiatory individuation. This is the inner secret fire, the conscious or lucid dreaming or dream yoga that prepares for the visionary heroic quest in which consciousness must be retained in the most extreme rites. Just as the body jerks as it goes off to sleep deeply, the soul is rendered upon death. Those that cross this outer darkness and retain their consciousness in the abyss retain sentience. This is the apotheosis of the gods, the origins of the consciousness that even those that want to have the most skeptical attitudes must admit. Even those that would accept simple evolution have to see that that supposes a teleology of increasing consciousness that arises from nothing. That consciousness and a will to survive has forced mutations and pushing the limitations of biology in increasing complexity towards some strange unknown future of a power to manipulate reality that will appear godlike. This is the false path of materialism trying to replace the ancestral spiritual initiations. It is an inversion of every aspect of true initiation.

One must begin to articulate this mastery by controlling emotions, controlling the urges, cravings and fixing the volatile. This means becoming master of the house, in controlling thoughts, speech, responses, and exerting the true discipline over self. It requires overcoming lust or anger, not from a moral point of view but because they leak energy. They render one in a position to be ‘acted upon’ magically, or as the ancestors would say it attracts demons. Outbursts, unless strategic like feigning stupidity or madness in certain situations, is unbecoming to the adept. One must be in full control, tactical, strategic and fixed on this ability to manage pain, pleasure, stress and privations. The retreats are to engage these weaknesses and hone the Self to overcome them. Retaining the will in the height of bliss, retaining in control in anger, remaining calm in chaos, these are the ways to fix these wayward energies.

The resonance in owning the spiritual items of Masters and using the corresponding empowered items from the deep underground locations of the Nagas is a sure method of piercing through these obstacles. Thus these are a mix of sacred items from a high practitioner, essential tools from his Masters and teachers, taken into retreat for various phases of his training.These are items linking his main alchemical lineages of the Siddha and Thai Lersi. These main item for medicine and amrita is a brass kamandalu used by many yogis and masters from India and passed to adepts all over Asia and into Thailand. With this comes a sacred hermit’s charm from his chief teacher, with an ancient Yant cloth of protectors divinities. There is a sacred magic dagger comprised of the sacred metals and yant sigils that empowers the waters in the vessel for making true spiritual elixirs, holy waters, medicines for eyes. The patina in the vessel is not to be scrubbed but is the cherished residue of countless medicines and substances. Likewise, there is a type of magnetic Naga leklai from Umkrum Mountain, famous for its medicinal properties. It is a supreme tonic to immerse this leklai in the vessel over night and stir with the dagger 108x times. There are special katas

Also is a special Umkrum Naga leklai mala, which can also be dipped to provide a special empowered holy water and elixir, special for breaking bad luck, demonic attacks, spiritual parasites and bad dreams. There is a special Takrut sigil talisman belt that can worn for protection, which is a special metal with special sigil engraved upon them by the true anonymous hermit master. This comes with his favorite sigil small yant cloths that hung in his tiny retreat. The Hermit pendant is made of the 108 soma herbs and embedded with the sacred takrut sigils.

The cynical can not fathom how these items function on the unseen realm. These are pure armor in the souls pursuit of mastery, golden shining lights of vigilant strength in the visionary realms, in the dreams and in the realms of the darkness. As the demons came to tempt the Buddha, so do the forces of the illusion seek to distract, attract and subvert the true intent of those seeking liberation. Those who are on this path must become healers, shamans, yogis, warriors and stabilize their consciousness through trials of overcoming the most bestial aspects as well as the pantheistic lures and energetic traps of’ simply ‘merging into the light.’ Man stands between the animals and the gods, or those forces that appear to be gods that want to limit, bind and shackle humanity to an endless cycle of harvesting and rebirth. These are demons that seek to rob the world of all meaning, convincing of insignificance and futility of life to demoralize and destroy initiation.

Most of the institutional forces have been infiltrated, and the placebos, false teachings and diversions are sold to the devoted as beneficence or necessary changes to protect when they reduce the original Siddha skillful means to a glossy, ‘safe’ and New Age shift away from alchemical and visionary training. Any one studying the Siddhas can see living testament of the original Siddhas who were radically experimental and devoted in their striving, using the sacred treasures, herbs and power items to break the boundaries of class, circumstance, of karma and of destiny itself. They honed the spirit and mind to such focus that no distraction, excuse or subversion could corrupt their integrity and devotion to the Great Work.

We donate all of the herbs, provisions and other items to the maximum for this devoted disciple. We call upon those who are seeking their own liberation to invest in another seeker while gaining the value of precious items to advance their own path. It is a map and guide to unlock these items, to the next phases of herbalism, healing and health in these items. True energetic medicines that unlock greater levels and earn the insights it decades lifetimes to achieve under the lesser vehicles. We are in the final throws of a great turmoil, of a spiritual warfare. The time is now to become the New Adept, the new master skilled in the hermit’s crafts of survival, medicine, spiritual techniques to weather the great storm and final throws of this world age.