There are just things that the Daoist masters have that are the absolute highest technology in spiritual and medicinal fields. The fasting and cultivation of Qi or vital energy for the next level healing meditations and inner elixirs is one of them. Whenever we feel that a true retreat and healing fast is needed, we reach for the elixirs and tonics of the Daoist masters. When we have to go into the inner silence and tap the primordial qi, we draw upon such formula as these for those shifts in diet and spiritual exercises. Whatever your energetic or health goals, the accumulation of vital energy is tantamount. For serious training or the meditation retreats that involve fasting and energy circulation associated with the herbal tonics of internal alchemy, this is a top formula. Blended by master herbalists who have been preserving the ancient methods to compact qi energy and experience the spontaneous arisal of the primal pure energy. This is a Daoist formula aiding the microcosmic orbit and energetic fasting herbs as well as to promote the release of stagnant and malignant qi. It catalyses qi accumulation and absorption as well as align the meridian fields. A wonderful Daoist tonic of rare fungi, and high mountain flowers and minerals. Another pill designed for the 100 days retreats, this one best taken into the second quarter.*

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