The relatively new productions of tea from the Ali Shan region, meets the criteria of a transcendent infusion that banishes sorrow, whispers to the heart and cheers the soul. With floral, fruity notes complexly shifting, the finest offerings of the mountains induce an inner peace and satisfaction usually found in much more costly examples of high mountain oolongs. The liquor is beautiful and textured, and the fragrance of flowers lingers refreshingly in the aroma cup. There is a magic in the second pot that exudes a pleasant tea perspiration that sends tingles of euphoria throughout the body. The mind is soothed with this guiltless moment of repose in the microcosmic orbit of swirling water fusing with beautiful, delicately unfurling leaves. As such, it is the perfectly daily oolong to keep the chi flowing, to wash off the “red dust” and to enjoy in the quiet of one’s study.

On a “Sea of Clouds,” Ali Shan of Taiwan is a mountain paradise as popular for its beauty as it is for the fine oolong teas that it produces. We present the Premium Organic Light Roast AliShan High Mountain Oolong. May you enjoy the echo of the effects of this fine tea that resonate on the palate for days and weeks!* Comes in high barrier food grade foil ziploc pouch.