The tension and strain on the eyes can affect one’s mood, appearance, disposition and create a negative feedback loop of negative tension, causing the jaw to clench and the body to register stress and distress. This is the source of many tension headaches, the strain on looking at fine print or computer screens, squinting from light, etc. all wrinkle the skin and register as a tension in one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of the body, around the eyes. Having had more than our share of genetic eye disorders, which actually prompted this journey to become an herbalist, and have spent & tried all manner of products and procedures to relieve that tension around the eyes. Some of the best can be clean towels soaked in herbal tea like chamomile, tea bags or cucumber slices on the eyes all of which relax and soothe the eyes. These are great but require the times to heating, and it’s not always possible to sit in the dark immobile holding items on the eyes. We learned from the Siddha herbalists of a wonderful soothing herbal eye oil made of many herbs but primarily jasmine, rose and lotus flowers with triphala and calamus root that one applies to the eyelids and to soft portions under and around the eyes. It is one of the most soothing, calming and stress reducing formula we have found, and the perfect herbal formula for the skin and wrinkles as it is in a mixed base of organic hemp and grape seed oils. the flowers are gently infused with the other herbs and microfiltered, leaving a resplendent, revitalizing, refreshing oil for gentle massage in those tense areas. Namaste.*

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siddha herbal eye soothing oil