Siddha Kaya Kalpa Miracle Oil Blend (8oz.)

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We are in the end of a world age, where reality itself becomes hostile to life. The heavy pressure of the modern experiment has ruptured into full absurdity, the chaos is erupting in different areas. Health and energy, wellness, clarity, all slip and slide into the blur of survival mode living. We must continually reassert the messaging, the Master Narrative of the Great Work into our lives. We must never surrender purpose, our energy, our health, our devotion, which are the defining aspects of our humanity and our future godlike and enlightened states.

We consider this special oil blend as being vital to our own health. If we were to have one affordable, healing supplement to have with us at all times for emergency and for the situations of dire health and convalescence, in addressing chronic issues and dire circumstances. This would certainly be at the top of the list beyond some of the highest jewel pills and other such alchemical medicines which are so rare and will be even more so as the world situation increases into dystopian outcomes. This is shelf stable but can be kept in cool areas to keep for a longer time. But we take this medicine in heroic doses when our labors and efforts leave that inner fire drained. When there is the dull, lethargic point of adrenal fatigue from stress and external pressures that dissipate energy. This is good for bigu, fasting, weight loss, serious toxic conditions for cleanses, diets etc.

Fasting is always our way to ground back into foundation practices. Even if one feels unable to commit to a deep retreat or protocol, consider taking this before meals, instead of a heavy meal or snack, or between meals to offset a less than ideal lifestyle or situation. We are being saturated with all manner of sickness, natural and synthetic, shedding, coughing, compromised immune systems, decimated digestive systems, which causes vital organs to work in overdrive, the blood to thicken and become toxic, and the negative feedback loop of stress and mental health cycle into a tailspin of disaster. Many people feel drained, weak, demoralized and broken down.

We must have our own great reset of the body, a human and dharmic reset of our health, to cleanse and heal in the noble and Siddha way. These ideas are inverted in these times, where experiments are unleashed with nefarious agendas and open war on the health of the world. It is a spiritual war, and these are spagyric medicines, cold pressed, organic and wild-crafted mountain and jungle herbs, roots, flowers and seeds of the highest healing protocols of the Siddhas. It is the purest blend that lubricates the intestines, removing the deep ama (the accrued waste that clings into the system, like the filth that collects in the pipes of drains). It is mineral rich with the perfect blend of healthy fats and anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiparasite, antiviral in a safe and time tested, secret combination of oils. We can infuse for you with kayakalpa medicines and navapashanam if you want a custom blend. For internal and external use, it is also useful in many skin disorders and for healthy scalp, hair, and other issues.

All organic Siddha Super Miracle Food Oil Blend a proprietary blend of rasayana herbs cold pressed organic (also contact for custom additions for special issues, therapies and protocols)*