100 pills $15 fresh made and usually in stock but can be a slight delay as demand is high. If you have bad digestion you must practice patience, so might as well begin with us.

A very popular local Tamil remedy from the Siddha herbal masters, this is a product we give for samples to those who seem to purchase digestive aids or for clients with chronic stomach issues. As industrial issues and modern life take their toll on traditional life, making water and food less quality, and sprays from food, the gut flora is decimated. Leaving impacted food and waste, the ama of the intestines that clog the body like dirty pipes. The acid can not break down food, the beneficial enzymes are not extracting nutrients and the mess off semi-digested foot sits rotting in the gut, giving a heavy bloated and weak tired feeling. The foods and pollutions and stress give a perfect storm of digestive issues.

This is a very gentle but dynamic aid for the detox and breaking down of food, great for those with gas and acid, but also for to keep with you for heavy oily foods or feasting. These are good to have in the start of fasting retreats to aid the break down of the accumulated wastes but generally not causing a rush to bathroom like the more aggressive cleanses. It is one of those herbals of the masters with many ingredients of propriety blend combined in a gentle doses that combine to a masterful digestive aid.

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