Your purchase supports Tibetan ngakpa herbalist. This is one of the most precious detoxifying herbal teas in the past almost exclusively used by Lamas and in the monasteries, famous for its soothing and calming properties to the nerves. Found only in the highest altitudes in the mountain of Tibet this a rare and fragrant high mountain lichen is delicious, red-wine colored with a pure taste that quenches the thirst. It is packed with the ormus minerals and potent high mountain qi energy. It is used in Tibetan medicine to lower blood lipid, cholesterol and and clearing heat, as well as for its anti-inflammatory properties and trace minerals. TCM classifies it as nourishing Yin, it is said to refresh the mind, soften blood vessels, nourish the heart, and used to treat hypertension, heart disease, obesity and nervous breakdown. Brew 1 to 3 grams with boiled water as per normal tea. Delicious with honey, making this a large amount to share with the family for a calming delicious herbal tea. We are sure of the highest quality and authentic tonic herbs at a fair price as we are practitioners as well and invested in the sustainability of herbs and the cultures that teach us how to use them.*

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Special Grade Organic Wild Tibetan Red Snow Tea Lethariella cladonioides Gold Tea bottle gourd herbs