Another special offering for fund-raising special outreach projects and initiatives. We present to you vintage Tibetan amulets, beautiful handcrafted by the monks in Dharmasala with inlay turquoise and other beautiful gem work. Inside is a offering of our most special Jewel and Nectar pills, including a few too rare to offer online. This is The Long Life Pill from KumKum Monastery which is an empowerment by taste to enjoy a healthy, joyous life, this is the tiniest red pill in each talisman. There is also Mendrupare Amrita from the physicians of the Dalai Lama, as well as Massing Clouds of Amrita: Resplendent Nectar Dharma Pills, The Five Nectars Pill and we will put in some extra ones with information. The locket may be different but similar and the pills different, but there will a Long Life pill in each with most of these nectar pills. For practitioners of Vajrayana, there are specific items from which one should not be separated. In Tibetan, these items are called ‘dralpang’; ‘dral’ meaning ‘separate’ and ‘pang’ meaning ‘to abandon’ or ‘not to do’, and they differ according to one’s levels of practice, these are such a class of substances that can be and should kept at hand for all occasions and can be given as gifts or taken on retreats, or for special meditation moments, in crisis and times of sickness and death to ensure Pure rebirth. Your purchase helps the monks, and Lamas that we source these from as well as helping us make a small amount from your donation to purchase more special items, and expand into a more diverse range of products from our Siddha medicines from South India, to our Sufi medicine from Turkey to our Buddhist medicines from all over Asia, and we are going forth with many fermenting and special seeds, cultures for your health. We thank you for your support. Only 10 of these as the pills are very rare.