Special Offering Diamond Mind Auspicious Mountain Blend Medicinal Tibetan Herbal Therapeutic and ritual incense, fair trade chemical free mountain precious herbal medicinal ingredients. Highest Grade Medical Tantric incense for meditation and ritual. 50 g wildcrafted special grade with free charcoals.

Our allies are back from extensive journeys, the offerings of the New Year will flow in the most precious blessings of rare jewel pills, sacred herbs, power items, sacred medicines, rare fungus and empowered incenses.

We always take the winter to ponder the reaped harvests of the past year, to regroup, revitalize, and return to the centering, grounding in our mission of attaining the herbal mastery to be at service to the sick and suffering. In the turmoil and chaos the vows were taken to become a Bodhisattva, the cold grasp of death applying the pressure of life’s precious incarnation and fragility. The return to the fundamental practices in the medicinal lineages, the deep meditation, the precious pills and long, solitary retreats of chulen fasting with the medicinal incenses integrates the inner and outer world. The tensions, the wayward energies and knots begin to loosen and dissipate. The true powerful incense occupy the senses with the bliss and healing, allowing the mind to still, calm, and the true quiet emergence of the diamond mind purity can arise in this protected space. The essence of practices and skillful means are to create the maximum accumulation of the inner energies which heal the body and spirit. These are the deeper aspects of true tantric and noetic medicine, the integration of mind, body and spirit in the true organic singularity of purpose and focus. These are the herb that infuse the atmosphere with the Dharma, the powerful skillful means of empowerment through scent.

These are from the secret tantric text by the great by the Great Siddha Nagarjuna and refined in the holy incense of the sacred high mountain monestary by the great scholar of Tibetan Medicine like Zurkhar Lodoe Gyalpo.This Tibetan incense is hand manufactured based on the principles of the Buddhist Medicinal system and formulation prescribed by a great yogi of the Bodhi school of Buddhism in Tibet. According to the Tibetan indigenous medicinal theory, a blend of this incense with the fragrance of agar 31, Ghanten Khampa and other precious herbal medicinal ingredients helps to relive tension, stress, anxiety, depression, irritability and aid deep meditation. Made in the monastery under the guidance of the most excellent herbalists empowered by the Lamas.