Another donated item for our fermenting and permaculture farm, seed bank projects. This is an empowered sacred Gau box a portable shrine of pilgrims that has been blessed around the sacred centers of the Holy mountains of Tibet. This is a blessed item to install on a shrine, take to the forest for meditation and take on trips in the vehicle for protection. We have a special affection for these as we got our first when taking refuge vows at age 14, and they are a remedy for that glimpse of suffering that must motivate us to make the best of our time on earth. Life is precious, this incarnation is precious, we must work hard in service and self empowerment to become saints and Buddhas and feed and heal those that need them. We think that the alchemical transmutation of self and remediation of land can create cells of super abundance of energy, food, medicines. We can reach a critical mass of strong individuals composing a living body of those actively working on healing body, soul, land and community. This starts with an inner blossoming of strength and concentration, overcoming the inertia and setting consciousness and matter at one purpose and pursuing it with absolute fixed purpose. The saint of old that light fires in our hearts with their actions are clear on their specific missions. Our mission is to spread these skillful means and message of service through healthy spiritual food and medicines. We thank the many who have supported us and allowed us to expand as well as those donating items and time to help us move this project forward. We will be opening a sacred space to practice and teach and experiment on the most efficient and nutrient dense farming and workshops on permaculture, bushcraft, medicine, and of course masters of Alchemy and Dharma, and Siddha traditions.