We are offering another special healing combination to raise funds for our projects. This is of a powerful banner that has the 108 Physician Buddha Incense with the Medicine Buddha long life nectar pills.

We are firm believers in taking advantage of the senses to make deep impressions on the mind. A primary method of this is the sigilization and creation of sacred space in one’s personal domain. This can be artwork, symbols statues etc. that inspire and call to you or strike a deep place inside. They are reminders when you come around a corner to be mindful. They are working on subconscious levels as you move about. The people that visit are soothed and inspired as are family and children exposed to sacred images and patterns. The spiritual technology of prayer flags and banners is to use the winds and elemental energies to convey and broadcast this intention upward and outward in blessed holy scripts of special mantras that protect and heal to those that avail themselves and devote to the practices. In the East there is everywhere shrines, sacred mountains, temples etc. and in every home. There are churches here and many do have personal shrines but the proactive geomantic alchemy of placing holy sigils and banners in ones home, in the wild or public places can establish these areas beyond recreational areas or public spaces as commercial. But this is an assertion of the sacred into the red dust, an alchemical theurgy to place spiritual items in the world with intentions to remind yourself and others to return to the values of compassion and ending suffering, but our own and fellow beings. There is so much suffering in the world, the strong are here to protect and heal those that need it and manifest the Pure Land world in this very body, in this very lifetime.

The incense is special 108 blend just arrive. This is a unique therapy grade monastery incense prepared by nuns under the auspices of the elite medical Lamas in strict observance of ancient traditions and ritual. We are great devotees of incenses as essential components to rituals and healing and meditation to more occult activities. This is why you find incense cults at the core of every tradition because incense is the subtle conveyance that lifts up prayers mantra and intentions into the astral realms. This is a special therapeutic blend for calm healing and deep meditation in generating the energies that correct internal psychological or physiological negative feedback loops. It is thus a psycho-spiritual sacred herbal blend that has a unique correspondence to the microcosmic construct of the brain. Aromas are so powerful evoking moods and memories but a true spiritual incense invokes and presences the plant spirits as allies in being the conduit to the higher levels.

The pills are special from the Dalai Lama medical Lama monastery Medicine Buddha Long Life nectar pills.