We present this donated limited offering for our expansion to permacultural alchemical ashram and pieces of equipment to bring forth sacred healing substances, seed banks and heritage fermenting cultures. Combination for soul and body, a beautiful medicinal ghee oiled medicine mala, inlaid with hand crafted mineral combinations that are sacred stones of Tibet, this is an energetic, radiating piece of that sacred land, absorbing into your body with a special oil that is healing. We also present with this donation two special Dharma precious pills, the Five Nectar, and the Massing Clouds of Amrita, these are a special combination to send the energetic healing pulses flowing through the nadis. If you are willing to put in some humble practice and merit generating acts, you can meet these pills half way in effort and receive their showering of blessings. These can be a catalyst to healing retreats, spiritual practices, for beginning a new healing protocol or turning the corner and addressing chronic spiritual and health issues. These can help resolve a lot of karmic and psychological issues. We can tell of the effect of these combinations of nectar pills on a life long practitioner who sought to leave much of his ascetic ways and works towards the Dharma of family and society in terms of filial piety. The abuses and toxic encounters nearly eclipsed the certain spark of joy and spiritual innocence from an incessant series of spiritual attacks. In taking these jewel pills and devoting to butter lamp meditations he regained the feeling of the deepest bliss that these power substances provide. They are at once an empowerment and refuge, a blessing and a spark, and they are true energetic blessings.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.