Mysterious Tantric Thai sacred love special offering for erotic alchemy and the way of Love and Dharma.

As we write in so many places, we are in the Kali Yuga, the final gasps of a dying world age. The occult wars, the forces that seek to obliterate traces of the Dharma, have worked patiently to destroy the Way. The Tantric methods, truly purged from New Age and sex obsessions, are a legitimate means for enlightenment for the householder, the person working, the person struggling in the red dust. We cannot all be hermits, we have duties to family and, even if we could, most institutions are infiltrated by counter-Dharma and anti-Traditional forces.

One method is to take love as the prima materia of alchemy, the first matter. Love has every instinct of enlightenment within it, but also every poison. To be with the right person, to find a partner, a true consort in the Dharma is the most sublime existence in this life. To nurture an empowering love, one that heals, one that grows in strength, one that is expressed in actions and not mere words, is priceless. But love can be toxic, depressing, poisonous and possessive. It can be degrading, it can be stifling, suffocating, but then we ought not to call this love, but some time of enchainment.

But the love of a man and woman, the uniting of the solar and lunar principles is the highest Tantra. To find such a partner or to evolve and grow and begin this path with an existing one, is a true treasure and rare gift for this dream of an existence. These true Thai talismans from the hermit lineages are empowered to nudge the possible into the probable. One cannot simply sit and wait for the love and perfect partner to knock on the door as if a miracle, although it can happen if the practice is done with the deepest intentions. But one must consecrate this talisman with mysterious methods and invocations we will disclose to whoever should acquire it. If you have even the slightest doubt of the essence of talismans or methods, do not waste your time on this item as you already cast spells against yourself of failure. Doubt is a seed, just as intention is a seed. Magic and Tantric arts are to harness the energy, the desires, the senses, the cravings and transmute them to higher purposes. It is to exploit our own weaknesses that are exploited by the sorcery of mass culture and media and the stimulations that compete for our attentions.

Like attracts like. These are energized items to provoke responses within you, within your reality, to create and prime an atmosphere of outcomes. One must do everything to meet this processes half way, from personal refinement of manners, of speech, of dress, hygiene and become worthy of the partner they seek. They must engage in absolute purification, and engage in a true magical act to plead and call forth from the Universe itself the magical partner that will complete and aid their path and the Great Work together.

This is so powerful it will bring forth what may seem like good partners, but they might be “low hanging fruit.” As you call forth blessings, demons stir as well. Or those in the middle, the twilight, those capable of being possessed of the good or bad, but are ultimately corruptible. They are not truly steadfast and resolute but swayed, blown about, drifting as in whatever streams should swirl by them. These can be the worse to engage with, one must seek the true consort and partner, the true balancing force to their energy, ready and capable to dedicate every fiber of their being to creating a deep, authentic life. Life is to be an Art, one’s life is to be a masterpiece, One needs the climate, the right people or to be alone to pursue true greatness and perfection (Siddha). One must prime the conditions for enlightenment by using love as the ultimate fuel, of using erotic energy as the ultimate power, and bringing them into singular concentration to the intentions of the Path.

This will come with incense and tantric formula and special instructions for whoever acquires this sacred love talisman. This talisman is soaked in a combination of magical metta oils and Nam Man Prai oil from sacred Tantric masters. As many use the necromantic arts for various purposes, finding the residues of those who died early or wasted life or in agony, we present here the most positive type of this magic. Of using a true Dharmic necromancy, of the residual oils of a human life that was spent in pursuit of mastery, of love, of the Tantric skillful means. Such an aura withstands death, it pervades and saturates the oil much like shrines or tombs are known to be sources of spiritual power and blessings. These are truly empowering substances.

The infused force of these adepts lives and vibrates within this precious talisman. There are many popular fake versions of this sold to tourists, but even they have a power of intention. But the authentic talismans, that of the kissing couple, represents the combining of the solar and the lunar, of two breaths entwining, of life forces merging in purpose. These can be used for sexual attraction, but how great is the true erotic alchemy that heals, that transforms two mundane and ordinary souls into the those that commune through love and beauty. Thus the magic is to draw the highest, potent sources of love, those with the highest capacity for joy, for compassion, but also balanced with work, with deeds and action. The imbalance or deficiency of either is assured failure on the Path, in alchemy, in the Way. Love must perfect, unify, complete and empower. It must be a continual sacrifice to the mystery of Love, and of creation itself. Again, Love is a triumph over all that is bestial, subhuman and all that seems like love but does not produce growth and streetlight must not be called love but enchainment. Love must have a purpose, be part of a mission, be given to the Great Work or it is profane, fraudulent, and a toxic inversion of true love.

These talismans and incense and the herbal formula are catalysts to the true magical powers that most possess to some degree. By magic, we mean the subtle, esoteric energy that co-creates, participates and is linked with consciousness. The manipulation or harnessing of this energy is magic, where thought, word and action are in complete focus towards one goal. For those struggling with base issues, they should contact to address these symptoms of spiritual diseases that they may purify and cleanse and by worthy to love and be loved and express love.