We present a very special offering for some specific esoteric projects that require some complicated equipment handmade by specialists. To facilitate this rare alchemical operation, we have called upon donations from the Thai hermit masters for yet another offering. As we have written, the Vedic priests taught their rituals, their secret yantra, the sigils, the alchemical operations into these forest schools. Here the supreme alchemist, Guru, and Master is Lord Shiva, whose semen is mercury, or parad. Shiva as Nataraja dances to the cadence of Reality, the silent beat and pattern of existence. We present a very old, circa 19th century brass. There are many similar but this one is quite old and empowered through many decades of devotions and rites. Authentic empowered idols such as these are priceless and fetching large amounts of money when available. It is an essential item for those seeking the Path through the sweet devotion, the devout bhakti path that arose from Tamil Nadu, and which is the most joyous, serene and sensual path to liberation. 

As this is the center piece of the offering, we give a rare Thai parad mercury bead (and will present a very rare Parad Buddha from the Lersi as well in future special offerings). This is a powerful parad bead used in increasing devotions, in increasing will power, and contacting the divine female spirits that act as consorts to the Masters. We give a variety of very special yant cloths and sigils as well as a powerful sorcerer’s ring with Naga leklai. One yant cloth is from the charnel grounds, and is splattered with Nam Man Prai Oil for magical empowerment. But the smallest item is perhaps the most powerful, being a talisman of the highest connection to the Shakti energy of the Goddess. It is a powerful protective amulet against calamity, against misfortune and erasing bad karmic stains that entangle one in snares of trouble and woe. It is so powerful in its energetic signature that it is encased in a special container, but it contains the mixtures of parad, mica, soma plants. A very rare and special gift. We will always include extra magical items, and gifts, especially those who have been loyal and repeatedly assisting us in our research and offerings in service of the Great Work.

It is essential in these times to dedicate oneself with full intention and focus on this personal alchemy. Proper skillful means, the herbal catalysts, and especially the theurgic power items, are all the central core items found in the Tradition in every single magical and alchemical context of the ancestors. Some rely on certain aspects and shun the others, but they achieve only a partial evolution. We must shatter the limits of karma and fate, of our personal struggles, our personal idiosyncrasies, personality defects, things that become like fetishes in the brain that ensnare our consciousness. We have to wash away the red dust of our personal narrative of our collective experiences of the world as reality. We must break the bad habits, the bad thinking, the wrong worldviews, the diseased reactions and emotions and be liberated. We must evolve from the becoming to the being, from the potential to the manifest and work for the liberation of others in the process. We must integrate the contradictions, the paradoxes of reality in and out of ourselves in the crucible of our understanding.  We present these power items and gifts for those seeking to become true Human Beings. These are powerful objects that effect the conscious mind in profound ways, the bodies energies, the nadis, the subtle etheric body, the dreams and sexual vitality and health.

The world is full of those who confuse their anger and rage for strength. They have so many perceived slights, wrongs and transgressions to justify their true weakness of character. They let others influence their core being, using the thousand cuts of life to validate their failure as human beings. They become dark, twisted, cynical until the cold-hearted psychopathy becomes ingrained like a virus. Maybe their mother didn’t love them in the way they needed, maybe father was aloof, distant, or violent and chaotic. Or it was bullies, or unrequited love or lusts, or some string of failures that added up to the seeds of misanthropy born of blaming others. It crystallizes into hate, into a myopic, biophobic worldview. They are subverted into the agents of the modern world, the disenfranchised misfits who can not find a place in the world, mutated by their inability to cope and lack of resilience. They become the the degenerate conduits of the abyss, presencing the darkness in degenerate acts, instigating cycles of pain and trauma in their demonic inability to experience joy or satiety. The world is cast into the chaos, from which they seek to impose a new order that obliterates the essence of humanity, of empathy, compassion and the noble heart. Truly this is the ultimatum of existence, the alternative is for those who prop their life up with indifference or hate. What would they be when you took away from their hate and fear?

So much of the spiritual New Age missions have sought to mesmerize those still awake enough to seek a true path. It seeks to distract, entice and trap the energy, intention and power into toxic worldviews. These overthrow the organic, ancestral truths by subverting them by appearing similar. They are faux diamonds, fools gold, and poison to the spirit. Once they are led down the path of blind acceptance, of artificial means and subtle twists of high doctrines the conditions are met for the purges. It is a mass initiation into a vampiric mode of consciousness, one removed of all moral constraints and reference points of the Noble Heart. We can see this in the revelation of the method, the externalization of the deepest mechanisms that are shown to those with eyes wide open. The darkness preys upon youth, innocence, in trauma, in disease, in pain and harvests this in the twisted rituals only hinted in the news from this church, or that campus, this island, in the highest reaches of power. The convergence of agendas, the coordination, the patience of aeons is the signature of truly ancient forces.

We have always sought the anti-thesis of this, while maintaining the true essence of humanity. This becomes the initiation in this time, to resist the counter-initiation forces and retain the purity of heart and persist in this crucible of existence. It is the full spectrum dominance, the control of genetics, of biology, of exotic technologies kept exclusive for degenerate elites lured into complicit actions. It is the falsification of the Great Work, an inverted, synthetic facsimile of the organic spiritual process that is the purpose of this incarnation. This assault is the use of media, entertainment, of food, water and air, in social changes, in the weaponized destruction of tradition, in drugs that numb empathy, in false sacraments that open one to possession, in using secrecy and trauma to exploit the worst and darkest fears on mass levels. One can feel the assault on the particle level of matter, the dissolution seeking to engulf and overwhelm consciousness. The conditions are difficult in pristine circumstances. In this descent into the controlled collapse, it becomes the excruciating Labor to just maintain that central core awareness. It is in aggregating the energy, fixing the volatile consciousness and honing this down to the sharpest, single pointed intent.

So many contact with so many spiritual and physical illnesses, diseases, worries and pain. The Siddhas, the masters of all traditions advise the same; they advise to seek the power items, the power herbs, the skillful means and fast and purify. This is the central core solution that has saved our own life. If we deviate too far from this, we must return with even more strict discipline and commence the practices as if life depended upon it. Which it does. This is the only prescription that can maintain the energy to do the Great Work, or to heal and overcome the obstacles of ill health, of spiritual lows, of the grips of destiny that tether and bind one to insufferable fates.  The artificial drugs, the artificial realities promise artificial enlightenment that is a dark departure from the true, sacred reality that is the prima materia of existence.

We have witnessed so many with such blessings. Blessings of material goods, blessings of resources, health, opportunities and yet they are miserable. They squander life’s fragile peace with an abiding misery, an inability to experience gratitude, joy, bliss. This void is filled with gross materialism, escapism into fantasy entertainment, life as a sporting event, a sarcastic jest, existential nonsense. This allows one to justify so much shallow living, the mere satisfying of cravings, the dose of stimuli to get through the moments that comprise a miserable life. This is not the dress rehearsal, the practice run, but the fierce point of spirit and matter in the incessant, relentless consciousness. It is seething with life, with the deep yearning for authentic modes of being, how to experience and express the sacred. Those that waste their days in shallow pursuits, in procrastinating for some future that may not come must wake up to the immediacy required in honing their being. The autumn winds should have the mind shift to the harvests of time, the cycles of life and death, the season of one’s life. Are you still in the spring of youth? Has the winter of time begun to show in your face, your hair or skin? Will you not begin to fade to time? Will your heart remain so cold when the truly frigid winds of fate blow over you? For most they just try to embrace the numbness, distancing themselves from love and humanity because it’s a vulnerability. To pause and reflect in true stillness would open up the wounds that never heal and the result is a disconnect so profound that reality becomes a dreamy abstraction intruded upon only by the violence of deferred or neglected reckonings.

Many feel the Mystery schools are a thing of the past, but their signatures are written everywhere. The occult wars are hot, with disclosures of methods from both sides in attempts to weaponize the mass awakenings and individual seekers. Lesser forms of the arts are mainstreamed as lures to larger agendas. The discerning will see the codes in the various scenarios and crises that are used in mass trauma events to shock and awe the collective mind into deeper states of fear. In this fear, in this chaos, the personality of the folk souls split, shattering in schizophrenic fragments with preemptive destabilization of the world soul. Many are simply in the future shock coping mechanisms, they are stunned, hypnotized and terrorized to the core of their existence. Because even if they do not consciously process all of the inorganic events of the world stage, the dream theater casting us into the artificial parallel reality, it is felt deep within. The ritualized assault and coercion against the essence of life must be felt and reconciled. Those that understand what is at stake understand the implications hinted at in all our myths and all great ancestral inspired literature. The dark adepts seek to obscure and destroy the Way that is the core of all Tradition. Once the narratives of the Tradition are obliterated from history, a true demented hell of dark jesters descends.

Initiation is understanding the entropy one must face alone by preparing the soul for the experience of attempted dissolution. The endgame is clear, one must prepare and ripen with the fullest pursuit. There are few heroes, few true masters, true gurus. Even they can but point the way, impart the skillful means, give the catalysts for the spirit and energy. But the Work, is done alone. So many want to study this way but they can not maintain their energy for a day, or a week. They can not focus for the time it takes for a flower to bloom from seed, or a sprout to form tiny leaves and they think they can master these arts. They must dig deep, learn to concentrate, learn to become masters of impulses, of thirst and hunger, of movement, of cravings. They must shun the world’s stimulation, the myriad poisons to the senses. They can not even refrain from technological addictions, and retire to taste herbs and elixirs in the depths of forests or darkened rooms.

Thus they retain a superficial practice. They flit from teacher to teacher, but always get the tourist’s level because they do not invest in the deep practices and the decades it takes to ripen. They do not retreat in the forests in silence, they do not fast and imbibe the sacred herbs. They can not keep the vigils, the rituals. They can not keep up the sacrifice of friends or family that do not grasp the Way. They feel like they miss out on the revelry, the experiences, the sensual and sensory delights. The true occult arts are deployed to manage perception, to mold and form new modes of consciousness which in turn births the shared, consensus reality of the world. Those that control understand the principles of critical mass in their ritualized reification. The world is so fake and artificial, one of the only few things left to experience as real is fear, which in a controlled form is anxiety. The dark groups understand this order from chaos applied to the noetic arts and human psychology. The theatre of the events are calculated for maximum impact in shaping a worldview of fear, scarcity, uncertainty and in the traumatized state one is more susceptible to the deeper mechanisms of control, psychic driving, social conditioning. Confusion is a weaponization of mystery.

The true initiation is to confront these aspects of the Mind on one’s own terms. Our herbalism never makes medical claims because it is the person who truly heals themselves. The herbs are messages, the signals that communicate the genetic program through cells is also the signal that becomes distorted through the convergences of stress. One must assess the externals, the diet, the lifestyle, the inputs into the mind and body, and assay them for quality and truth and vitality. Here the Mind becomes centered, absorbed and focused on the microcosmic inner world. The herbs are ingested with that noetic signature from the ancient masters, the ancient traditions, the archaic power centers. The power objects work upon the psyche in the same was as the dark forces exploits, but using the same sympathies, the correspondences, the empathic spirit to become the mesocosmic center, the middle realm that bridges the ethereal and physical worlds. In the darkness, in the wilderness, in the dreams, in the visions, one confronts the Fear, the parasitic infestation that demoralizes and subverts so much energy.