Special Offering (2 of 2 of same master) for our expansion and moving mission. Help us to create a living temple to the alchemical arts of the original people. Everything pictured included: soma herb and cremation ash Thai Hermit Lersi idol, with empowered yant cloth, and special Lersi herbs. This one also comes with a special Takrut bracelet with extra sigil tube within. This is a somewhat of a more of a magician’s idol, those seeking to penetrate the mysteries of nature and necromancy. These are considered dark arts in certain contexts from prejudices against ancestral arts. These are really the seeking of discarnate psychic energies that are encoded within the matrix of existence. Nothing is lost or gained, and the spark of consciousness is no different unless one has individuated the consciousness to a supreme level. Therefore those seeking to re-incarnate are hungry to do good works if they have became disciples of the Dharma and work with the masters to heal and protect while working off the karma. It is also a means of aiding their liberation by allowing them to lessen the grasping spirit to this world and its problems that keep the consciousness imprisoned. The extra bracelet is for a spiritual protection against malicious energies and spirits in the astral realms in dreaming, where one can be most vulnerable. This hermit master is dark as the night in which he conducts the somber rituals for the dead, enticing their spirits to aid him in his mission. He is the epitome of the alchemical transmutation with the golden aspects encasing the pure darkness of transmuting corrupt and baneful spirits into the Dharma. He absorbs their karma, and sin, and they pay him in the whispers of events and reading the intentions of the living and the dead. A true magicians idol, he has other secret abilities.

Such powerful treasures of alchemical power can replace living Guru to those that make sincere connections. These are the soma herbs and herbo-metallic medicinal substances, jewel and relic pills in the sacred clay and ashes from the pyre of the great Saints, and the sarira pills that remain. These are infused with authentic sarira from true adepts. Sarira are “bodily relics of spiritual masters. These are generally characterized as jewels and pearls being left behind after cremation of the body. They are used to stabilize the energy of Buddhist places of meditation.”

Those who have followed us, some friends and allies for decades, know of our core guild’s relentless pursuit of alchemical knowledge. As we have discussed in various articles in the guild sites, there is an anti-tradition that has ravaged the lands and people, setting the world on fire in attempts to burn our spiritual connection to the past, our ancestors and to deep understanding of the gift of life. This revolutionary, biophobic force is demonic, as discussed in all the truly traditional texts and works of the sages. It feeds upon suffering, discord, sickness, pestilence. It wants to see misery, pain, destruction of nations, of fragile ecosystems and this plant. It hates life itself, biological existence is a disgust to it and those it possesses. Many have tried to articulate this force from the demons of the Vedas or demiurge of the Bible, Ahriman of the Persians, and so on. This is the true adversary, that seeks to destroy the sacred understanding of the human existence.

It is a nihilistic, pessimistic spiritual poison that consumes and is never satisfied or sated. This unquenchable thirst and appetite is the pure madness that lurks behind much of the systems that force a destructive and toxic way of life. Truly the Masters deep within the Traditions of Asia, where even the adepts of Europe were said to have fled, understood the turn of events the modernist, revolutionary forces that would attempt to annihilate the living initiatory groups from the face of the earth. We are talking of the genocides of the steppes people that converged upon them from Russia and Chinese Red Armies. These forces and their minions came to power and eradicate the Daoists and Buddhist in China, in Tibet, their forces used proxy forces of fundamentalists in India to sow dissent and cause much evil on the people. So many of the living masters were lost, many were imprisoned and many fled. Part of our guild has been seeking the fragments of these traditions that were scattered to the wind, many of the true masters hiding in such places as Malaysia, Burma and Thailand.

We have always sought the hermit masters, the true anonymous sages and healers that the villagers protect from tourists, from governments and from the profane. It takes many decades to forge such relationships. It takes respect, dedication and sometimes great suffering to make such connections. It is a path of isolation, confronting the lower demonic aspects of self that infect the microcosmic inner world, just as a presence haunts the macrocosmic reality in this realm. Here one goes within, to a contact with the subtle lineage masters, the forest sages, the rishi, the lersi, those who can ‘see’ and manifest. They work with the discarnate energies, the plants and are some of the true last vestiges of the soma priests. They know the secret soma herbs, the 108 54 male and 54 female herbs with the precious alchemical substances. It has always been so, in the ages of the Muslim conquests, many masters fled and spread the deepest aspects of the Vedic tradition. These are the core alchemical herbs, minerals and metals, the techniques of controlling the mind and breath and reaching the highest forms of individuation as a Siddha master or obtained ones.

The true masters have aided our healing from the clutches of death and blessed us with profound gifts and boons. One must take these blessings and spread them or else all attainments are bitter sweet. There are so many root karmic issues, from an energetic point of view, and the limitations of ones community, family, the country they live in, but also their body, health in the genetics expressed. In this way, we are the products of the deeper karma of ancestors but also of the inflicted karmic battles upon them in the strange workings of a system with free will and destiny entwined. Good and evil are allowed to contend, within and and without and so many live lives that are living examples. So few have heroes, but we have the equivalent who are vile of mind, cold of heart, and with no honor. These are messages of reality confronting these aspects in ourselves. We must learn from suffering, from weakness, from alienation, from exile. We are being initiated into the darkness into a mass scale. We must initiate ourselves into the purest light of our True Humanity and express the divine qualities inherent in our being. But stresses, distractions, the lack of discipline and self control can rob of us mastery. We must go within and confront these true defects of character and spark the intellectual and spiritual fires within that light the way in the abyss.

The Hermit Lersi have deep compassion for our mission and for humanity. We must always seek the Memory of our original spirit and return to the source of these Traditions. It begins with the profound spiritual insights gleaned from the Lersi traditions that are some of the true last knowledge holders of the Polar Lore of the original people. Within the yantric sigils are the signatures of higher intelligence, the Vedic and Tantrik esoteric Buddhist entities that formed from the void, like the blossom of lotus that is self-born and arising from the chaos of mud and mire. We must become again and again in the life and death of sleep and birth of awakening to a new day. We must dispense with the past obstacles, the grip of delusions of ego and self that cause us to cling to a false narrative. We truly need the ancestral Master Narrative that is hidden in the diverse traditions, spread by Buddhist monks and priests to the people of Asia.

We present the blessed and empowered Lersi Yantra cloth, with 108 soma herb infused clay. Inside of these are placed the blessed relic pills, Naga jewels, and alchemical metal composites that are true catalysts to meditation and the Vedic theurgy expressed under the encoded Thai Buddhist hermit relics. This is the core of the alchemical traditions, the meditation on the empowering subjects that can truly take the place of living masters. They are so powerful and connected with the astral spirits of past masters. The Thai customs of capturing the spirit in items is well known. Therefore it is advised to truly treat these with respect and offerings of water, rice and flowers at least once a year or for special times of struggle or blessing. The hermits do not require much offerings unlike other items because they are ascetics. A candle and incense is even better as is the offering of one’s genuine sincere heart in attaining liberation for self and others. It is imperative to become a saint in these modern times, to raise the energy up to the highest levels and be a beacon in the darkness.

The anti-tradition has infected so many institutional religions, the Lersi that are anonymous alone, like the sages and masters in the forest or tiny temples in amongst the folk Buddhist cults, preserver an integrity and connection to true spiritual power. These are truly present in these items, they are living, vital and powerful sources of spiritual power. We do not offer for any worldly success but only the highest insights in spiritual matters and healing arts. These are for those seeking healing and becoming healers. These are specific to those training to be true saints in the spiritual despair. We shall not get the cold heart but warm it with the spiritual treasures of the Masters. With this spiritual offering comes special 108 herbal blend of Lersi herbs that set alight the spiritual and core vital fires of the body and feed the inner homa fires of the spirit and intellect. There are many levels of the soma herbs, this is a rare blend that is of deep healing and spiritual untying the knots and tensions. It is very good for a deep meditation and cleanse. Any questions can contact and can give advice and mantras.

As we prepare to move, we offer such rare exclusive gifts for your donation to our mission. All proceeds are invested in our upcoming final push to develop a true living permaculture farm and ashram for initiation to the devoted disciples. It will be a long process of setting up but we have come so far in our work for the core Masters who have put aside sectarian and cultural differences and merged into a true alchemical thinktank for addressing the spiritual wars that are seeking to reduce humanity to less than beasts. We thank you for all who have persevered through the blur and dehumanizing assaults on the soul and retained the dedication and deep yearning for this light.

As always are items are authentic and spiritual powerful. Especially in Thailand, charlatans amongst the remote people is not tolerated and they will truly destroy such fakes. We give you the true items for spiritual power that has blessed our health and life and practice. But as always, if this resonates with you than trust your instincts and obtain these treasures, but if not, do not cast spells upon yourself by having your will at cross purposes. You should be inflamed with a truly spiritual empathic connection to these hermit masters, and yearn within to the point of pain for their spirit to inspire the holy dreams and profound insight into seeing the way to heal and evolve. The true master appears within as the blue pearl whirling in the darkness of the calm, pure and still mind. Whispering the secrets and insights, to the level of our discernment and karmic patterns. If we want higher truths and powers, we must become like a vessel that can hold the ocean. We must be vast yet strong like the crucible that can take the furnace. This is the way of the true Masters.