Our beloved partners have returned from the temples and hermit lersi of Thailand with many special offerings to push us into the final stages of our mission for this year. We are making great strides in our advances towards creating an off-grid permaculture living laboratory of sustainable technologies, herbal medicine, bushcraft and traditional arts and crafts. We have special offerings for each project. This is special offering is to raise funds for a sacred alchemical text to be translated and cataloged for our medicinal research. The cost of obtaining the manuscript is high, but it is so valued by our growing alchemical study group that we have all pulled in resources and donations to acquire the text. Our beloved masters of Thai hermit technology, the true heirs to much of the Vedic Indo-Aryan wisdom, have given us a bounty of occult objects for those seeking to explore the mysteries of the entities and sigils of the Thai occult tradition.

We have studied Thai medicine, martial arts and magic for many years and only trust a few elite sources for our herbs, training and power items. Those that follow us know the great respect we have for these, and their efficacy. Even the most skeptical is convinced of these. Perhaps they work using the bio-photons of these supreme masters, who imprint such focused energy and use such intense ingredients from the cremation grounds and graveyards to bring that intense energy that attracts entities. This is the universal techniques of binding entities, only cast into a Buddhist context, for which their service becomes working off bad karma. These are from sad, tragic figures who are stuck between life and death, what may be termed the hungry ghost. These are desperate for this incarnation, the precious material incarnation of life to do a little bit of good works. Those of us alive must learn from this and make the best use of time.

The main item here is an exquisite sorcerer’s talisman, inlaid with the precious stones and relics of the sarira, the gem stone like relics remaining when saints and adepts are cremated. These hold great empowerments and blessings and are configured to create a field of energy, that in terms of the adept can facilitate the influencing of reality in subtle ways. This is the definition of sorcery, the acasual empathic co-mingling of the ultimate sentience or consciousness with other sentience and influencing it towards a specific end. This is a science and techology, only partially understood and explained away with neurochemistry, or psychology, or even quantum physics. The power items of these correspondences, these certain conditions, these certain colors, resonances, biological ingredients, they create a focal point in space time. This is how certain places give off an energy, or certain parts of a forest. They are alive. There is some subtle forces just below the surface.

The entire surface is impregnated with leklai, sarira, and the 108 soma herbs, corpse oil and relics and takrut are compact enclosed inside. It is an elite piece blessed by monks and lersi, a rare piece given for those embarking on the path of shamanic sorcerer, the type of person who wants to have the blessings of the Vedas, Dharmas and Nagas, but also the lesser spirits, ghosts, astral entities. These are whisperer types of talismans, keeping one from harm with these subtle flashes of insight, or warnings, the strange intuition that must be honed. One must meditate and make connections to the talisman. Anoint with a drop of blood to activate, feed with incense smoke at least once a week, and keep it on the sigil cloths. These sigils cloths are powerful implements that enable the mindtraining and focus it takes to truly hone the empathic powers of intuition and to harness that trance like energy to project and see into those dimensions of reality beyond the human eye’s spectrum.

The red and white sigils are of the magical red and white soma, giving the primary energetic power and the sigils even look like a grid or circuit board. The other two cloths are the extremes of the sorcerer’s path, the divine female goddess, accessing the lunar qualities, the mysteries of sex magic, trance, divination. The male buddha figure is the pilgrim, the wayfarer, proactive seeking knowledge, an articulation of the magicians will over the elements. The offering also comes with a protective leklai bead bracelet/anklet. It can be worn on the left ankle for grounding and spiritual protection with the earth elements, or on the right wrist for invoking, writing sigils and talismanic arts in expressing one’s intention in the written form, healing. this is a limited offering. We will provide and empowering incense to feed the talisman.