Another fine donation for our alchemical outreach initiatives of permaculture farming, fermentation and Siddha medicine/meditation. We are in the process of working with some dedicated practitioners to bring a new type of dynamic ashram of service and alchemical research. We want to transmute ourselves and our communities into healing, abundant co-operatives. We are combining ancient techniques and enlightened uses of technology from myco-remediation to food forests and homeless feeding initiatives in the long run. We seek to truly live the authentic path laid out by the saints of the Siddhas and Buddhas and do radical service, secret charities and healing. We bring forth another donation of Empowerment through Taste in a mantra locket from Tibetan monastery. This contains the tri-fecta of our body, mind and soul empowering nectar pills. These are the psychic remedies that flush the stagnant energies, the karmic stains and obstacles from the path. We encourage you to pick an auspicious day and consume these pills in a meditation, retreat, health protocol and begin the transmutational process to become the best version of yourself for the journey to ultimate realization and to infuse the macrocosm with enlightened energy, for your loved ones, for your community and the humanity at large if you are hermit ascetic. The true inner work must be done, and the fusion of the essences of the holy Masters, their sacred relics, the alchemical nectars and precious herbs are the true Empowering catalyst to start the practice and reach the inner Guru. Through sheer intention and Will and the merit one can push through the inertia of this dark age as the veil thins. One can pierce this delusion with the bold leap into Absolute Self and begin being the alchemical mercury for compassionate action turning this world into the numinous Pure Land of 10,000 Buddhas. This is the critical mass to use the world age aeonic shifts and the rising human spirit, dissatisfaction with the status quo and a sudden, spontaneous flashing insight into our auspicious human purpose. Massing Clouds of Amrita, Five Nectar, and Mendrupare Amrita*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.