There has always been a deep reciprocity between those working in the deep ascetic practices in every tradition. From the spiritual hermits of every tradition, those who withdraw to learn the secrets of Nature, to make contact with the chthonic and telluric forces of Earth, and who make the special medicines are supported, cherished and honored. It is a measure of a society that recognizes and creates a context for those devoted to such experiences. Their are saints everywhere, but our culture often considers such as madness or at best eccentric. The rich traditional cultures have a deep empathy for the human condition and they know that if they can not engage in the fullest extremes needed to devote to the path, that they can support those who do, and link their energy with those merits and efforts. The charlatans will exploit this, while the saints work in complete focus towards their liberation for the sake of others. Here is a great paradox, the crux of the esoteric secrecy that conceals many high skillful means. Because the doctrines of the highest can hasten the unripened mind towards the demonic. There are many stories of disciples hearing the essence and root teachings, only for one to become a saint and the other to become a virtual devil through misunderstanding the highest notions of emptiness and impermanence as a license for all evils.

The selfless donations to our special offerings are met with deep respect and gratitude, so much that we will always being including extra special gifts with each one from our own collection of these power items. The magical energy from the true Thai masters empowered items is immense, with visionary nagas and entities noticed by those even so skeptical to such matters. There are often open eyed sober visions of the Nagas with these items in the house, which are like astral serpents, but they are of the Dharma so not to be feared but still never disrespected. To some such experiences are unnerving, and they abandon such activities which is best because these get more intense and with dreaming and dream herbs, and deep practices. But there is a baseline devotional level to the practices that are safe and generating merit. For those desperate for initiations with circumstances so bleak and devoid of true dharma, these are ways to become empowered and initiated for the higher practices. It is far better to perish seeking than to suffer a suburban life of modern convenience and pure safety. We must confront the poison in the self before the world, me must die and be reborn on our own terms into the heroic transmuted of the self. We must presence the Murugan energies of the avatar and wage a spiritual war of integrity and compassion that is not manipulated and exploited by dark agendas. It does not matter if the demons are real, or the phantoms of the mind. These are for the Buddha’s silence. Our own focus, the articulation of our goals in thought, spoken of into existence by word and manifested by direct action is the true highest skillful means, the yoga of complete action.

There are the facts of the occult wars, the mystery tradition’s destruction, the yugas and aeons unfolding in the way the adepts, up until this modern times, have warned. This is the erosion of all initiation, of all Dharma, of all that is sacred into the chaos and abyss of the utter loss of humanity. This becomes a central point. The loss of the essence of basic humanity is the prerequisite for the higher states. We must endeavor to be compassionate, just, behave as gentleman and women of the highest moral character as a complete revolt against the banality, the crude and psychopathic forces that have become accepted as normal or required. The war is for the minds, the hearts, the spirit, this encroachment into the consciousness, the subtle programming towards the anti-hero that celebrates their flaws instead of becoming the Master. They have sought to destroy the notion of the true hero, of the warrior, the saint, in a progressive race to the bottom of character and aspirations. Thus we support our teachers, and their lifetime disciples and our guild members who have sacrificed everything for preserving the plants, the teachings, and the highest skillful means. We cherish them, we compete in deeds to assist them, in economic support and spreading their true wisdom that is like the coolest spring water to the parched, desiccated and dying spirituality of these days.

One can truly see the continuity of the ancient Vedic children of Shiva and Shakti, Lord Murugan and Lord Ganesh expressed in these Thai hermit power objects and yant cloths. For the one who gets this, we will give some additional devotional items to Lord Ganesh and Lord Murugan as these are the prime avatars of our alchemical lineage. Here is a special alchemical lingam stone to make a special healing water, which is the Thai version of a navapashanam bead in composition using leklai as well. Leklai is special mineral unique deposits in the hermit and naga caves and holy mountains. This is with a small kamandal which produces a supreme tonic together. We also have a small piece of rainbow leklai for additional uses. There is a giant hermit lersi cloth with the postures of the sages one can study this as done in the ancient cave art of the Siddhas and assume these postures in the flow of 108 forms. There is a small vial of special lotus oil for external application to third eye. There are two empowered naga serpents and a hermit idol, with an encased version as well for having this energy as protection in all times. There are is a tiny Ganesh cloth and Ganesh yant cloth for the breaking of obstacles and to honor before all rituals, fasts and undertakings. There is a small vial of precious Sarira of the Hermit Master who passed along so many of the herbal treasures. There is also a tiny ghee lamp for meditation and sigilized yant cloth for closing meditation. We will also add special herbs and incense and other sacred gifts to whoever is blessed to get this special, priceless and precious offering. These are items that can term the home into a temple, calculated by those knowing the obstacles and spiritual traps that ensnare the mind and drain the energies. These are the universal power items expressed in the skillful means of the hermits, master’s who have kept themselves apart from the world. Many become famous from their deeds to shine a light in the darkness and inspire, but many choose to be anonymous and work in utter secrecy. These are the superior, true alchemical masters who deal in the arts that can not openly be discussed because of the limitations of these modern times. These are the deepest visionary, tantric and magical rites that are spheres of the planets and Gods, that can trap many into their permanent states. One must transcend all these psycho-spiritual obstacles. These are power items but they must not become crutches. Thus they are an investment, passed on through the lineage of adepts, masters, seekers and students, each time building upon the merit and effort of the last. It is a subtle golden chain, one that binds the merits of each and is emblazoned in the astral realms with the signatures of the Dharma and of high achievement. The demonic spirits and entities flee these items, and they can be passed on when one is ready for the next levels of initiation. One can aid their own spiritual items and pass this on to dear spiritual friends, bothers and sisters in initiation, and to younger seekers who need a boost. One can also use the elixirs created to dispense with pinches of the herbs as stimulating energetic tonics and aids to meditation. These reduce stress and strain, anxious and induce a gratitude in the heart and spiritual clarity. It is a potent catalyst to the energy body. We are happy to provide more information on special methods of use with astrological and alchemical considerations. Not pictured is incense.

Many seek to reconcile the fasting protocols, and the deep training of the adepts with their daily life. One must look to the true Guru of Lord Shiva for this example. The role of householder was the skillful comprise between the dharma of this world, engaging in work for society and community and family with the spiritual pursuits. In fact, the Buddhist best disciples, and many of the Mahasiddhas are known for their artisan crafts and ways of earning a living. Spiritual pursuits and the concerns of life are not irreconcilable, and they are actually beneficial and successful The lore of adepts are saturated with those going into periods of deep retreat, only to return to a family or daily life, or wanderer or taking on some artisan craft and concealing their True Nature from the profane. They appear ordinary but are precious pearls that only one be known by those with some accomplished insight of their own. This is another special offering for the disciple who is taking their next phase into the most intensive training for herbalism that our lineage teaches. It is a severe, solo, absolute wilderness submersion where one will either likely perish or emerge transformed. There is minimal gear and expenses and the next items are from their personal training to fund this with the guru’s guidance. Deep in these areas the adepts will wander, to Malaysia to learn of the Tamil that went there en masse, who bring the most secret tantrik teachings and alchemical treasures. Then they will go to Burma to find the surviving lineages of jewel pills, of mercury, and occult sciences. They meet the exiled Buddhist master and exchange the precious nectars and chulens for their own herbs. and into the shamans of Nepal for the powerful medicines, incenses and mountain spirit talismans. Thus the true masters that hide in the forests have done extensive travels, gathering their skills and techniques into a synthesis that is able to combat the psychic disconnects that infect modern life. As we write this we see the agony inflicted by those lost, those fractured and seeking to change the world but they can not even change themselves. All sides, especially the loudest and most radical of anything but the Great Work are like the blind leading the blind, the sicking trying to heal the sick. They can not read their hearts, they can not transmute the poison. The murder, suicides, the addictions, the crime, mental illness and casual violence is a disrespect to the generations who had at least ideals and aspirations towards the better. The despair has washed over so many, we must truly salvage the Tradition and invest in those presencing the Gods, hermits and masters.

This is the true reciprocity of this lineage which was always to administer medicines with a sustainable program to help those seeking training and mastery. There must always be a circuit of energy, of gifts, of inputs and returns to the system, just as one must circulate the energy internally. The inputs for the inner world are the precise herbal catalysts and elixirs that send signals and currents throughout the channels of the body. Many of these would be thought of as tonic rasayana, or aphrodisiacs. but this sexual energy and bliss can overcome one and cause energetic leaking. This rise of energy must be controlled with the Mind, and carefully circulated over the body. If one is hungry, one should eat, but just to satiation. In this state, the herbs are at the highest potential. The actual food is not as important as the amounts, it is better to use much smaller meals and take these herbs than one large meal. Superfoods, the most nutrient dense foods are the best for giving the body the satisfaction to silent the distractions of hunger or weakness. This is setting the digestive fires, and as in external alchemy, we do not want the fire crowded with too much wood for roaring fires that burn out nor with too little to put this fire out. This digestion and eating is like the offerings of puja. and one can research the offerings of food to study the best diets for their constitution or contact us to help clarify and make suggestions.

Those seeking to advance in their practice but are in the confines of less than ideal states will benefit from this offering. We offer here the fundamentals of the supreme practices that are consistent in every alchemical tradition from the hermetic to the Vedic that has permeated all through Asia. As we have written, many of the Thai hermits have preserved much of the lore. This is the supreme pairing of items that assist in what we would translate as the theurgic and psycho-spiritual power objects that work upon the inner world. Our senses are besieged with so many things that if we can use the incense, the herbs, the light to truly focus, the sigils and the talismanic yantra patterns can be used for visionary focus. Here one allows the mind to collapse into the patterns from the outward images moving inward, and in succession from the obstacle removing God Ganesh, to the postures of the hermits, to the supreme contemplation that focuses the intent. For more specific instructions, please contact to discuss the circumstances of environment and lifestyle to assist in this type of meditation.

We know that many might be able to afford such an offering, but please contact for other ways to assist and partake of similar items and imparted skillful means. We will have smaller special offerings coming, and then also our guild will be offering quite a few select items for our move which is imminent. Thank you for your support. Beware of buying from unknown sources they can curse the objects with necromancy. If you do not feel drawn to this item, do not get it with doubts in the mind. This is a subtle sorcery against the self. The heart should be stirred and the entire body feel the deep yearning and spiritual empathy for the Dharma in witnessing such items. If not, then do not waste your time and funds in donation, these are for the serious practitioner and to be used in healing, dispensing to those who seek empowered blessed elixir waters and those who want to learn deeper energetic medicines of the Vedic masters and hermits.