Containing both testosterone and DHEA, packed full of antioxidants, glutathione and the superoxides it is a powerhouse boost to the endocrine and immune system. The tincture form has less nutritive vitamins but has more of the androgens like testosterone. We offer both tincture and powder. Our certified organic wildcrafted cracked cell wall high mountain is the highest quality. As you will notice on our site we stock quite a few rare Korean alchemical and medicinal items. Korea has some of the last surviving authentic Daoist masters. through our contacts in the tea world we have been sourcing the highest quality ethically harvested superfoods and herbs and having tried many varieties of pine pollen we feel this is the most potent. It is perfect qi tonic, replenishing the diminished sexual and vital energy from over-indulgence as well as aging. We consider this an essential bigu fasting supplement, and it combines so well with the tea pollen as well, providing a complete nutrition to jumpstart energized fasting. We intend to stock some of our local pollens as well, but caution against some of the cheap Chinese pollens being sold online. Though some are of high quality and from remote areas depending on the source, many are not. The korean artisan standards are of the highest order, with a national pride and ancient spiritual heritage that demands the finest representations of their quality. We find their teas and mushrooms as some of the best in the world and their bamboo salts exceed their legendary status in quality. Keep checking back for more and more Korean Daoist medicines. We went in big on this because we take this supplement ourselves and give it to friends and family. We also offer the pine pollen spagyrically prepared in small batch iatrochemically triple distilled imported non-gmo spirits*

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korean pine pollen songhwaju