Please note change in appearance as of Winter/Spring 2018-2019.

Sexuality is the energy of intimacy, creation and bliss. It can be harnessed and focused and exalted to the highest spiritual levels and be the swiftest, most beautiful path to enlightenment. The energetic cultivation in sexual ritual and tantric techniques can heal so many wounds, illnesses, and diseases. The rapture and ecstasy of that building energy and passionate embracing is the warm fusion of alchemical weddings, the fusion of male and female, shiva and Shakti and the resolution of opposites that are swooned and reborn in the heated exertion of love and intercourse. These beautiful silver pills are for potentiating that experience. These are not to be taken randomly but with great devotion. One can not consume these above the prescribed amount or take them in short durations, that is not how energetic medicines work. This will increase the sexual energy and bliss, taking too much is like overloading a circuit or too much voltage on a wire that is not designed for that output. They are the culmination of thousands of years of herbal and alchemical research, given in the precise doses for maximum benefit and increasing over time. This is a very important subject to grasp, the enlightened use of medicines and using them to facilitate true healing and energetic cultivation and raise energy and power up enough to influence the acausal realms and work one’s intention into the fabrics of karma and destiny. The universe responds to energy. It can be discordant and wayward, toxic and dissipating or empowering and vitalizing. We can choose this and harness the sexual love and passion into becoming whole, integrated and in tune with the partner. This has specific dosage to maximize this and it is one pill in the morning and one at night best with milk, but water is acceptable if milk is not tolerated. This has 84 divine herbs and bhasmas and is covered in alchemical edible silver leaf. This is a true powerful aphrodisiac and tantric supplement. We try to find the best herbal pills, as many as possible in terms of cost. A society of people working on enlightenment, ritualizing their life, their love, their relationships is part of the alchemy of manifesting the Pure Land and Tantrik pride of the hero. It is part of the Art of Life to instill bliss and validation to those we love and honor. We can use our energy to hurt or heal, and if you have been neglecting someone special in your life and want to take the erotic energy to another level then this might be what you are looking for. Even the best of relationships need spice and variety, the boost to a life of stress, hard work, aging process, pollution and lifestyle all add up to sometimes feeling like one has lost a bit of the spark or that old magic. This is the effective and ancient formula of shilajit and herbs and alchemical minerals to boost and ignite that spark and get back to your former viral power. If taken at the dose it can be take for up to 3 months at which point it’s advised to switch to a different supplement to not create an energetic imbalance by focusing on certain aspects of the biology and energetic body.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.