This is a Tantrik elixir beyond all others in magical and energetic properties. It consists of a base of pure ladakh shilajit, traditionally extracted and purified using the most precise and effective rasayana methods. To this is added bio-fermented the tantrick magic plant and healing miracle herb and aphrodisiac, which is rare and energized by the Siddha guru, this is Kali Haldi black turmeric CURCUMA CAESIA with long pepper, and the famous tantrik aphrodisiac BLACK GALINGALE (Kaempferia parviflora).

Notes on black turmeric:
Kali Haldi / Black Turmeric Kali haldi or black turmeric is a very rare occurrence. This rarely found turmeric has a lot of significance in rituals especially Lakshmi Pooja. Black turmeric is also used in rare ayurvedic medicines which are incomplete without black turmeric. It is a component of the Kuber khazana as well.
Black turmeric which is known as “kali haldi” in native Indian tongue is used for tantric rituals. Black turmeric has a great deal of importance as it is used for vashikaran purposes. Black turmeric is usually dark red in colour but it appears to be a dark black or brown. Ideally kali haldi should only be used for spiritual purposes. Kali haldi is also a wealth giver. It brings health, wealth and prosperity to anyone who puts this in their cash box. Kali Haldi may be wrapped in red cloth and worshipped daily. Kali haldi starts showing its effect to the owner in 11 days. Many people apply tilak of kali haldi in order to attract people towards them. A kali haldi tilak should always be applied if you are facing court matters. Ladies may use kali haldi as a face pack. Most commonly, kali haldi is used in bhairav sadhna (praying to Lord Shiva), Tantra Sadhna and black magic.
We always associate turmeric with its characteristic yellow color. This turmeric is black in color and smells pungent like camphor. Another common name for black turmeric is “Krishna haridra” It is very useful for people performing tantra sadhna, The black turmeric plant also has a lot of medicinal properties. This rare product is found around the Narbada River in Madhya Pradesh and Nepal.
The paste is used as “tilak” by tantrics. for Kailand Bhairav. It is also used for “Goddess Mahakali” as tilak during sadhana. The mantra siddha black turmeric is used for tantra sadhana. It is also used for protecting one from the effects of black magic. Black turmeric brings positive energies and absorbs negative vibrations therefore it is used in various rituals. The kali haldi energized by mantras protects the bearer from negative energies.
Using Kali Haldi as a talisman or good luck charm protects people from negative energy. If it is kept in the cash box or places of worship, it increases wealth. It represents the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi and brings a lot of wealth to the house in which it is kept.
Benefits of Kali Haldi
Normally, turmeric has a characteristic yellow colour. Some varieties of turmeric are black. They smell pungent like camphor. This variant of turmeric is known as “kali haldi” or “Krishna Haridra.” It is usually used for performing tanric rituals or other rituals. This rare plant is found around the River Narbada in Madhya Pradesh and Nepal.
Tanrics use a paste of black turmeric as a tilak on the Forehead of god Bhairav or Goddess kali during sadhana. The mantra siddha haldi that we offer is basically used for tantra sadhana. It neutralizes the effects of black magic and removes evil obstacles. It brings positive energy and absorbs negative energy. This turmeric finds use in a large number of rituals. It may be used for increasing wealth. Black turmeric may be used as a good luck charm. Ideally, black turmeric should be placed in the cash box. A house which has black turmeric will never lack wealth or prosperity.
Another variant of Kali Haldi is the rhizome of Curcuma caesia. This rhizome is considered the re-incarnation of Goddess Kali. Apart from having medicinal properties, it finds a lot of use in the worship of Goddess Kali. Apart from Indians, South Asian Occult circles also believe that this plant has magical properties.
Practitioners of Magic in Vietnam believe that this variety of turmeric can be treated as Kumanthong an extremely powerful ginger plant. People facing monetary problem should place the flower of the black turmeric plant in their wallet or cashbox. Keeping a black turmeric plant in the house shields the owner from black magic. Many people believe that this plant gives out a benzoic smell on every Friday night.

Black Galangal has many interesting properties and the one of the most interesting being sex enhancement and rejuvenation. Black Galangal contains substantial amounts of PDE5 inhibitors, which act similarly Viagra, with the ability to enhance sexual performance by increasing blood-flow to the testis and stimulating dopaminergic functions in the hypothalamus. Furthermore, Black Galangal can increase sperm density and promote health through its Adaptogenic activity, reducing triglycerides.*

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