In our quest for the elite, ultimate Taoist herbs we have found a source of wildcrafted spiritual fungi from the famous Changbai mountain on the border of China and North Korea. This formula contains the famous Changbai Purple Reishi, with the most cherished of all reishi, the Duanwood reishi fungus and wildcrafted red reishi. Duanwood means ‘original wood’, and these are found on old wood in the mountains and are the most potent, cherished and sought after herb on earth. Daoist tradition describes as the great protector of body, mind and spirit. It is the ultimate adaptogen, and blended with in the royal pantheon of reishi fungus. The purple changbai reishi is the most spiritual and stress-relieving of the reishi, and the red wildcrafted seems more grounded in the medicinal actions in the body and is the premier tonic herb. The synergy between the three mushrooms, all are available in separate tinctures and powder/whole mushrooms, is to form the ultimate spiritual and medicinal shen tonic. This is the combination of the top three Daoist plant allies, renown for therr calming, spiritual centering and digestive aiding properties as well as clearing out the liver and kidneys and restoring vitality. As practitioners of various Daoist arts, this is one of the best bigu fasting herbs and spiritual tonics for meditation. It has an amazing synergy with the entire mushroom kingdom. See also our research on Daoist elixir herbs here.*

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The Precious Three Numinous Mushroom Ultimate Shen Tonic 2 bottle gourd herbs

The Precious Three Numinous Mushroom Ultimate Shen Tonic bottle gourd herbs