Our guild model has always depended on our adepts, our wildcrafters, those hermits who live in the remote areas who ethically harvest the medicinal species. The events of the past year, like for all of us, has severely compromised and intruded on the flow of resources back and forth from these remote areas as travel is restricted. We were always planning for some calamity, as we moved and live an ascetic life in the most remote regions, living off the land and creating an autonomy that is insulated from vulnerable supply chains. This mindset arose as empowerments and initiations from the highest lamas and monks ended with extreme and dire predictions of the future. Many who have corresponded with us, have heard us confide this to them in the previous years that something inauspicious and dangerous was imminent. As the early events of this year unfolded, we began enacting the plans we had in place for our isolated members to be able to survive.

We have neglected so much of the business aspects of our mission in these regards, as it is likely, especially in some areas, to increase in chaos. The astrological implications for this year were very dire from all our adepts, and they continue to have dangerous times in the very near future. We are utilitarian and esoteric, meaning that we balance the pragmatic considerations with the spiritual life. One must ‘chop wood and carry water’ to be able to meditate and keep the teachings, the Way alive. It is more important than ever to seed these methods, the skillful means, the medicines of the body and spirit and we are preparing to dynamically reemerge from our extended retreats to provide such resources.

There is no joy in the isolated accomplishment; it is, as the Siddha say, bitter-sweet to taste that nectar and not share it with one’s community and beloved. We have been working with our wandering doctors to procure vast and diverse Jewel Pills, nectar pills, talismans and sacred incenses, herbs etc. for the spiritual and health conflicts that are descending upon us. Here we must fortify the vital energy, the heart center, clear the nadis and knots with the urgency of our very lives. We must have the spiritual empowerments to face the world cycles dissolution, the twilight of the aeons, and the old order crumble from before our very eyes. These are beyond politics, these are astral events, the aggregation of acausal forces set in motion and arising from the vast infinity. We are but small worlds within worlds, the microcosms that co-create and interdependently define and experience these vast cosmic ages as they manifest.

Our inner and outer alchemy must take the precious substances of matter and transform them into our consciousness and divine mind energy. We must abandon sorrow and transmute and become new in the endless distillations of birth and death, of waking and sleep. Our day as a lifetime, born in the morning and passing to the other realm at night, is the crucible for us to sublimate and refine the most wayward and toxic energies that arise. Our task is the integration of these conflicts, the internalized reconciliation of paradox, of conflict, of obstacles. So few of us can name our relatives and ancestors past maybe great grandparents, and yet it is vanity and hubris that compels us to think that our mundane existence in any way matters from merely being born. Just as they dissolve, forgotten in history by their own kin, so shall we all be perhaps. Many suffer to just survive, to feed their children, and in this there is a respectability and nobility, but it is barely above an animal existence.

Our true humanity lies in potential that is actualized, that becomes manifest. Latent potential that is unrealized is a negation of Being and Becoming. We have to carve out purpose and meaning and in doing so we will find that this is the Great Work, our Great Task as human beings. It is a true esoteric process that requires the complete engagement of the seeker into the world, into finding the Way to pierce the veils of illusion and ignorance that obscure and distract from this potential. This is the fusion of spirit and matter, of knowledge and wisdom and the penetrating into the vast Mystery our mind has evolved to confront.

The wise masters of all alchemical and wisdom traditions discovered the methods that are catalysts to authentic experiences. Certain plants, essences, certain fragrances, and colors, all have a sympathy and correspondence between the higher and the lower. This is the golden chain of all magical operations, of all Tantra, all theurgy, all the Vedic occult and magian arts in exploiting what are the potential weaknesses of the senses and spiritualizing them into the most profound spiritual experience through concentrated stimulation. These techniques are used to meditate and contemplate the yantra and mandala and spiritual art that collapses the restless mind into the deep focus where the inner guru arises. Here the lucid dreams spontaneously arise, the Siddha of penetrating insights give corrective visions to one’s practices, obstacles melt away.

In this chaos, the veil is thinned. The energies, those who have been given New Age distorted magical techniques have warped reality. They have introduced the false and artificial teachings and infiltrated a demonic Dharma that is devoid of empowerment and thunderous methods for rapid practice. Our guild members visit the lone hermits and lamas who have left the comforts of the corrupt institutions and engage in the remote abandoned temples and caves of the original masters. Just as there remain isolated pockets of Traditional alchemical monasteries even in modern Europe or madrasas of secret Hermetic cults in Arabia, there are indeed still remote enclaves of hidden monasteries that make the pure nectar and jewel pills. It is our goal in these times to render a mutually beneficial service to all that are involved in the creation and missionary goals of these medicines.

For this aim, we have worked with the long-haired masters, the Hermits, to provide custom jewel/nectar pill and talismanic, incense protections for donations. These funds allow our agents to facilitate ethical and fair trade gathering of medicinal herbs for such medicines and incenses, as well as providing a donation for the Masters to continue their outreach and work. If you are struggling on the path, restless, stagnant in energy, fearful, anxious, depressed, know that these are the initiations and ordeals of those of us who stand in the gap. We are Dharma warriors, and our armor is the adamantine wisdom that protects and seals these intrusions from our deepest mind. The sacred herbs, like the Soma and elixirs, are inward tastings of Dharma, of empowerments that saturate the body, they are not psychoactive or entheogenic, but they are a subtle energetic force that pervades the channels. With meditation and the incenses, and the power objects, these can truly shatter obstacles and unfetter the cast sorcery of trauma that inhibits Pure Mind. We are happy to discuss this process with any all as well as help a spiritual protocol for healing from the past and empowering and preparing to meet what is coming, understand correspondences is slow at this time but being attended.

The fragrance is the combusted herbs of the most sacred Dharma mountains, their plant spirits cleanse the body of all doubts and dissipations of energy. The Nectar pills balance the macrocosmic and celestial aspects within the astral body, with the subtle repairs of the conduits for the pure light form that is our potential. The talismans are empowerments encoded with beauty and skill, the convergence of spirit and matter, with the sigilized stenography of the Dharma, the contract of the Buddhist goddesses and you for auspicious results and protection as you engage the path. We have collected suggested readings for those interested in using these items to their highest potential. These pith instructions can be adapted, one must draw out their essence and see beyond the form, culture and time. Past the warnings, past the veneer that was at one time to protect them from profane uses. But we are in the hot occult war, the full force of the conflicts of aeons of Gods and demons climaxing into this realm as the mesocosmic space between the abyss and the heavens.

This is the time of us to presence the divine heroic avatar of Kalki in this decadent and dying yuga. Our work as practitioners is the inner refinement that is the forerunner to such incarnations, of divine heroes that return us to the pristine and purified mode of Being. We must conquer the demons within, the vile, degenerate and lazy aspects that make life ugly, hideous. We must transmute the base characteristics that make life a burden, a grotesque caricature of our human potential as future Buddhas and Siddhas. We hope all those who seek a better way will donate and begin or begin again with a deeper worldview on the urgency of the spiritual combat. We hope that any wishing to join us will contact to assist our alchemical missionary work and join our various research groups, think tanks and possibly our guild. Those seek to be benefactors, who are in abundance, can donate in excess so that others who cannot afford it may be able to partake. Any truly struggling, please contact for arrangements. Some are experiencing severe economic distress and should not be denied if possible, but we must maintain a sustainable approach to finite resources and costs. Those who have blessings of riches in these times can offset these concerns with generosity, to which we will also, as always, reciprocate. Our old friends and supporters that donate, we will include special gifts for you who have maintained such support in these trying times. We all work to generate the merit and energy to do the Great Work and endure.

About the Special Offering
Each offering is customized to the donor and shall include a customized combination of precious pills, talisman and incense, as well as a pamphlet on Tibetan precious pills. Once this special offering is added to your cart and proceeding to checkout, donor must include in the ‘Special Instructions’ field during checkout the following information: 1) Astrological Details (birthdate, time, location), 2) Specific expressed intentions for the precious pills offering (such as for healing, protection, general blessings, for certain other esoteric intentions articulated). Up-to-date order processing times are posted here.