100 gram bags of this holy offering incense, with free charcoals. This a pure, empowered, chemical free resin, a blend of the roots and herbs, fragrant resins and precious relics that are made over long puja and empowerments. These are the offerings we hold most dear, and an auspicious invocation to the new lineage connections and empowered Tantrik and shamanic wisdom from these Holy Mountains. We will bring for the skillful means and holy medicines in the artisan, fair trade, ethical harvests, with the earth care and people care that is the fundamental practice to our herbal mission.

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Our lifelong quest is for the true shamanic and alchemical paths of Immortality. We seek and embrace the seed empowerments from the many lineage deities and Root Gurus on our pilgrimage to the true Holy Mountain. The aether in which the Gods abide transcends space and time. They are just beyond the fields of senses, on the subtle planes beyond the lower astral realms. They take consistent forms in their appearance to their devoted progeny, in the cultic traditions that were the initiatory centers of the ancient world. Our patron takes many forms, one of which is the White Old Man as Tsagan Evgen. This the shamanic ancestral God immortality, of the wild mountains, the proto-type of the magician, wizard and wise old magus. As we unfold our ethnobotanical treasures from our contacts in the Buryat regions, our tribal and lineage root Masters in the Altai and Mongolian regions, we collect the empowered blessings and skillful means of these authentic traditions far outside the institutional and politicized Buddhism that has come to infect the more global schools. This is the true shamanic God, the magician hermit, and holy deity of the Dharma who lives on the true Holy Snow White Mountain, where the fruits of immortality grow. Bestower of health, wisdom, wealth, fertility, longevity, he is also the guardian of the forests, animals and waters. He is the template and model of our herbalism, the aspiration of the shamanic and Dharmic hero, steward of the land and aid to the suffering. Like the wise old man of the North Pole, he gives gifts to the good and punishes the wicked, he is Odin as fury, he is called St. Nikolaus.
In Tibet he is called Mi tshe ring or ‘the long lived’ who the is a center of many of the ‘cham dances or mystery plays

The bsang ritual usually occurs after Buddhist refuge prayers (skyabs-’gro) and aspirant prayers (smon-lam) are said. The bsang is a crucial part of the pre-trance invocations, which are intended to attract the attention of the relevant deities and make them amenable to assisting the spirit-medium. It has two parts: the actual fumigation of the deities with incense (bsangs) and the supplications to them (lha-gsol). Ordinarily, a long line of divinities are beckoned and cleansed with fragrant incense. The use of incense is not merely an offering but is intended to purify the deities and restore their equilibrium. It is commonly believed that the environment-bound pantheon is of a limpid composition (gtsang-rigs) and is especially prone to being contaminated by anthropogenic activities of a negative character. In order to counteract the harm wrought upon the gods and to insure that the ritual venue is suitably clean, incense is burnt throughout the bsang ritual and for the duration of the trance ceremony.

The wise old Man, he is ‘cunning old man’ boro or aryatu ebugen, ruling with his dragon staff. “White Old Man, please grant me my requests, destroy 400 diseases for all living beings; I offer you, Old White Buddha pure offerings, please expel evil spirits and the scary deities. Please sever three hundred and three kinds of sorrow, please remove the eighty-eight kinds of bad omens, please clear all defamations and conspiracies.”

He says, “I lived on the top of the mountain, above me, the heaven is the monarch; below me, the earth mother as the queen. The gods of the earth, the gods of water, the twenty-four protectors of the directions, human beings, livestocks, serpents and beasts. Although evil-doers are not small in numbers, I can dominate them as their leaders. In the mountains, I am the landlord. On the prairie, I am the head of the farmland and the river. I am the king of mankind, in charge of all the lands, houses and waters. All religious industries belong to me. All towns and residents are also owned by me.”