Venom Piercing Chulen (7 pills)


In these trying times, there are so many spiritual and bodily infections that threaten all peace and health. We have implored the medical Lamas to provide the best chulen supplements for the unprecedented venoms unleashed upon us. These are the select, elite herbs and substances that the Masters take to cleanse, purify and fortify themselves against such pernicious forces that we cannot even mention. These are extra potent Jewel Pills of combined alchemical essences and chulen nectars. It is seven pills for $108 donation. It is best to take in light, vegetarian semi-fasting states and to refrain from pungent foods etc. It is such a pure and powerful blessing but we are constrained from saying more. We wish you radiant health. We can say that if there is one pill we would carry into the remote area for no support or safety net, this is what we carry.

This is used traditionally once a year or once a month to bless and protect the body, mind and spirit. It is the master preventing venom piercing chulen, 1 pill every four to seven days in the evening before bed, directions provided with mantras.