Suma root is a premiere South American adaptogen, known as the Brazilian ginseng. It is a well known aphrodisiac and training enhancer, giving stamina and energy and a sense of well being in athletic training trials and popular use in South America. Widely used in the best training of the Brazilian martial arts. It is called Para toda mean for all things, and is used for strength training by Russian athletes and many around the world. A little goes a long way, quarter of a teaspoon is plenty to start. We would strongly advise doing as much as one teaspoon of suma in a single dose! This is delicious in foods like nutritious raw cakes, smoothies, chocolate and is used in tinctures, in honey and is a delicious, stimulating herb that improves mood, recovery, it has a delicious vanilla-like taste. This is a male power herb, packed with amino acids, electrolyets, minerals, A, B, vitamins, K2, zinc magnesium, ecdsteroids, saponins and steroidal glycosides which are building blocks of testosterone synthesis. A Russian trial on amateur athletes reported:

Experiment participants first noted a “sense of well-being” within 3-5 days, and a new increased desire to get to their next training session. Weight lifters experienced much less pain during heavy lifts when they took Suma. These researchers recommended 500 mg. for every 40 lbs. of body weight, spread out evenly in two divided doses, for the maximum gain in muscle strength and size. During a 54-day period (almost 8 weeks), the dosage was only taken on days 1-10, 16-25, and days 31-40. Despite the 24 days off the herb, researchers reported that Suma’s effects were still felt by the athletes on the off days.*

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