Wildcrafted Fermented Altai Ivan Chai (Siberian Chamerion angustifolium)


Premium Artisan biofermented Ivan Chai – Siberian Chamerion angustifolium, hand picked and processed in the Old Tartariyan lands. Available in 4oz and 2oz. Comes in ziploc foil pouch.

There are many grades of herbs, as any adept of Dionysus can tell you the best wines that have the depth of the soil or real tea men that know of the the high mountain oolongs. So many choice herbals from ginseng to the finest incenses and smokes have a quality about them that tells the story of the lands and care in which they are grown and the masters that process them. Our love of the truly fermented products of the old cultures takes our research into the land of the wandering nomads, into the Scythian forests and the mountains of Russia. Snorri Sturluson and other Old Norse writers called Russia “Greater Sweden” and referred to these regions as the home of the tribes of Odin. This is discussed in Hyperborean Research Society Vol. 1 monograph on the history of the Indo-European migrations of the Aesir. This is available in our shop for those seeking to study the traditions that converge into Ancient European Northern Traditions. We put immense effort into these products and writings, and herbalism is our life, religion, passion and business as well. We strive to bring the absolute best quality offerings and research and we are so excited to bring the most holy, sacred and healing herbs from the lands of the Gods.

Returning to the tea so rich in the essence of the sky and apex of mountains. This drink goes back millennia of use amongst the Old Russian cultures of the Ural and Altai mountains, and is a blessed drink to the shamans and folk alike, and written of by the old Russian royalty as superior to the Asian teas to their tastes. This is a tea with history for stimulating health, conjuring up a familiar taste to any who drink it. It is written deep within the human experience, this flavor so reminiscent of an ancient homeland and of ancestral mountains. Some herbs are full of poetry, they infuse the water with ancient verses and visions of the bluest skies. On those pristine, wind-swept peaks, far from the red dust of the world, the herbs that nurtured humanity cling to the mineral rich soils, fed upon rivulets of arctic spring waters.

It is such a refreshing and invigroting drink mostly unknown outside of dedicated enthusiasts. It is one of those harmonzing, balancing drinks that times perfectly with any moment in the day from a boost in the morning to calming at night. Aiding digestion and quenching thirst as well as a perfect drink for the trail or one’s quiet tea rituals alone with a book. It has no caffeine, taurine, purine, oxalic acid or uric acid and has high anti-inflammatory properties that become even more therapeutic with proper harvesting and fermentation. It is a much used folk herb among the high class and elite spas and health clinics in Russia, acclaimed for its taste and rich content of flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, vitamin C, organic acids, triterpenoids, etc. It is indicated for normalizing bowel functions and as a digestive aid for its high content of tannins and vitamin C, and was always a go-to tea in Russia for colitis, ulcers, diarrhea, gas and normalizing metalbolism due to its unique combination of bioflavanoids. It is said to have beneficial properties for the prostate and is used topically for healing wounds with a wet compress as well. Some studies in Russia suggest it is the highest anti-inflammatory properties of any other plant.

Ivan Chai is also traditionally used for infants in time of teething as well as for lactating and pregnant mothers. Ivan Chai is studied for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is very good to drink for oral care, very good to drink and take with propolis concentrate as a mouthwash.