Fresh from the lab, our perfected blend of ancient traditions and modern techniques delivers a powerful feminine super tonic. Kacip Fatimah is known as the Tongat Ali for women. This is perhaps one of the best tonic herbs for women, aiding every part of their unique biology from easing and regulating menstruation, to helping skin, breasts, vaginal toning and lubrication, increased intimacy and libido to easing childbirth. It is known to aid in post-partum as well as in aiding in the recovery of birth, depression associated with hormonal imbalances, to digestive issues and stagnant energies and emotions. Touted as a youthful invigorating tonic for the tightening and lubricating the vagina and as a female aphrodisiac, this herb works on the woman’s adrenal and reproductive systems as well as aiding the detox of blood and digestive system. It is used in folk traditions for arthritis and digestive complaints and gas by both men and women but this is a female powerhouse herb. The folk name of this herb goes back to the kacip which is used to cut the betel nut, the stimulating aphrodisiac couples chew for erotic play. But the last name is related to Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet of Islam. There is unexplained disharmony between Fatimah and her husband Ali. Ali’s herb is called Tongat Ali or Ali’s walking stick, rather descriptive euphemism. These two herbs are understood to be the keys to reunite that sexual, emotional and psychological harmony in a relationship. The betel cutter, is somewhat like the vagina, but its tight and sharp quality is restored by the use of kacip fatimah, while the walking stick gives the man his vital sexual energy to feel confident and secure and primed to express and receive intimacy. These are not just standard aphrodisiacs, but produce a well being and balance, especially in the sexual centers of the body and erogenous zones, to feel truly healthy physically and emotionally and thus open to the bodies on natural and spontaneous sexual energy. A relationship under normal circumstances is very difficult. To add the childbirth, hectic schedule, body changes from age, stress, pollution, the pace of life, and the natural ebb and flow and evolution or stagnations of personal growth, all can contribute to blocked levels of intimacy. Hormonal imbalances manifest as tensions and negative interactions on both side. Click here to buy our couples pack of Kacip Fatimah for women and Tongat Ali for men. The traditions here present the culmination of old Asian shamanic herbalism with the Sufi and spagyric alchemical plant medicine traditions to extract the full spectrum of useful parts of this elixir herb and combine it back with its three essences combined with the mineral rich salts of the plant guild of elixir herbs that are shared in the traditional uses of this plant. This is then evaporated and potentiated 20x times, reducing 20 parts of herb to 1 part of extract.*

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