Incense is a central aspect of every herbal and alchemical tradition. It allows the mind to both relax and focus, it soothes the spirit, it cleanses the atmosphere, and the smokes patterns and permutations are used for divination. The use of incense is protective and magical, it creates the feedback loop that can comfort and stabilize visionary experiments or infuse the intake of herbs with a true ritual aura. Incense smokes send the imprinted messages of meditation and prayer or intentions into the higher realms. It is a subtle technology, some are used for sorcery and some for healing. This is a very healing incense from our old shaman teachers in the jungle. It is good to put every ritual item and herb in the smoke to cleanse for the shamanic training, detox and fasting. It is good to truly get to the original state of diet and sensory purity to appraise the herbs and quiet the mind and body to listen to the true messages from the plant realm.