Turkey Tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor) is one of the most studied medicinal fungi on the planet and is touted as a great benefit for the most insidious and terminal illnesses as part of deep healing protocols. These studies have proven this famed medicinal mushroom’s traditional claims of a great medicine. It is so revered in the Asian medical systems, it was written about by the Daoist alchemical sages as having vital healing essences.

We use the most traditional and bioavailable spagyric extraction methods that involves a fermentation, distillation, re-saturation with fresh material, then a maceration period where it matures. To this is combined the calcined mineral that are purified. The result is the full-spectrum essence and all the medicinal qualities of this super tonic medicine and elixir fungus. We have studied the methods of the elite Rasayana and Ayurvedic Siddhas and the herbalist masters of Mao Shan and have spent our life tracking down the remaining masters of schools such as the Tàipíng Dào and other secret society alchemical groups.
We present these medicines as part of a continued push for an esoteric, an alchemical revolution. This is to partake of the oldest rebellions against a corruption that assaults body, mind and spirit. It is an attack on health as an understanding of wholeness, of being complete. It is to fragment us, to shatter mind and the psyche, to permeate and penetrate with poisons and toxins, from the air, water, food, to the very spirit and genetics. We must raise our health, our spiritual awareness, our vital energy to resist by all means possible this alien intrusion into our life. We must combat the demoralizing and wearying effects of stress, of tension, of a aggregate assault on our core being that makes us ill, broken, depressed and drained.

We renew our efforts to constantly bring the elite herbs, made in organic traditional ways for radiant health and well-being. We work to presence and propagate the essential methods for healing and health, and the wildcrafted tonic mushrooms that the ancestors have used to heal and sustain the attacks on health from this red dust world. These are a true force for cleansing, for detox, for purification to the cellular level with the revitalizing essence to allow one’s own primordial energy to culminate, collect and begin the healing process within.

It is shown to be a powerhouse of antioxidants, including beneficial phenols and flavonoids, which can help prevent oxidative stress and cell damage in the body. Studies have shown that turkey tail mushrooms contain as many as 35 different phenolic compounds and multiple flavonoids. Phenols and flavonoids both contribute to immune system function and overall health.
It is shown to have an elite power of immune boosting polysaccharopeptide, a type of polysaccharide or carbohydrate with powerful immune-boosting properties. Turkey tail mushrooms contain at least two types of polysaccharopeptide: krestin and polysaccharide peptide.