wildcrafted lithothamne powder
Lithothamne pure powder electric, alkaline superfood nutrient dense seaweed!

Lithothamne: a red seaweed appreciated for its high calcium content. It works by rebalancing the acid-base balance of the body thanks to its remineralizing action. Its high concentration of minerals; magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium can restore tone and vitality to the body to fight against fatigue. It is a crucial herb for micronutrient treatments, and rich superfood addition to those seeking optimal bone and digestive health. Most people are magnesium deficient. Here is a natural bioavailable source from the now protected resource of premium medicinal seaweeds.

This powder has extraordinary high levels of calcium (45 to 80% calcium carbonate) and magnesium (7 to 15% magnesium carbonate) and over thirty trace elements, vitamins, plant hormones and fatty acids. Lithothamn is a small calcareous seaweed that has the property of crystallizing the elements contained in seawater, mainly calcium, in perfectly assimilable form, but also magnesium, iron and many trace elements. It is a medicinal algae rich in essential minerals during all periods of growth or rebalancing of the bone system.

Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon lithothamne powder for an adult, after the meal, to mix in a compote or dairy or in smoothies as well, or during meal, sprinkled over food or added to water.

Lithothamnion, red alga containing calcium, is wild collected and micronized for best absorption into a fine bio-available powder we use in our formula for stress and focus. It is appreciated for its extreme richness in marine minerals and oligo-elements. Used mainly in organic agriculture to improve the soil structure, it was unfortunately overexploited from the 70s and many of its habitats, very slow to grow, are now threatened. A purely medical use has led to the recovery of the wild harvest that is now done sustainable, and it is our goal to ethically to preserve this natural resource.

It is used traditionally for hyperacidity, and keeping the body’s acid-base balance is one of the keys to staying healthy because too much acidity can cause muscle cramps and stiffness, but also heartburn and fatigue, or even difficulties in getting better focus, thanks to its high calcium carbonate content (33%). One can take this powder in teaspoon amounts morning and evening, accompanied by vitamin D (supplement) or cod liver oil to facilitate its assimilation.

It is also a source of calcium crucial for bone health. Lithothamne. 99% of our calcium is indeed in the bone. This is where the body first draws when it seeks to counterbalance peaks of acidity. It is a perfect ingredient in formula for concalescence, and tested to have the below data of minerals and trace elements.

– Minerals and Trace elements: contribute to the balance of the skin, contribute to the regeneration and protection of the epidermis, ensure its water content and promote microcirculation.
– Magnesium (1.4 to 2.9%): stimulates protein production and cellular exchanges, helps reduce fatigue and helps maintain the proper functioning of the nervous system..
– Copper (2 – 15 mg / kg), Zinc (15 – 60 mg / kg) and Silicon: ensure a good elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.
– Calcium (26 to 32%), Potassium (0.4 to 2%) and Sodium (0.3 to 4.7%): contribute to a good hydration of the skin.
– Zinc (15 – 60 mg / Kg) and Sulfur (2.8 to 6%): sebo-regulators they are particularly useful for oily or mixed skin
– Manganese (100 – 480 mg / kg) and Selenium: antioxidants, they act against the signs of skin aging.
Rich in calcium, lithothamne also contains a whole army of other minerals and trace elements: magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, etc. It is able to remineralize the body globally, which will allow it to regain strength, reduce fatigue and restore appetite.

Be careful not to exceed the recommended doses because too much calcium limits the absorption of other minerals by the body. It can also deplete the kidneys and promote the formation of stones in susceptible individuals.
Not recommended in case of renal insufficiency
Risk of interaction with certain gastric plasters based on aluminum hydroxide
Possible interaction with some hypertensive and antibiotic drugs. Tell your doctor and / or pharmacist if taken together.