The Herbalist’s Way

We compete with none but ourselves, to become worthy of being remembered in honor by those that truly matter. We compete within our mind with the saints of the past, the true masters, the worthy ancestors in good deeds and to purify a noble heart. We sacrifice all to our Way of herbalism, our true religion expressed in the decades of research, the hermits solitude to study the essence of each tradition, the seeking of the Living Treasures and Adepts of what remains of the Primordial alchemical tradition. It is truly the Perennial Philosophy, renewed in each generation by those who care not for any glimmer of the city, any red dust of the world, any praise or material items. The true fasting, ascetic scholar warrior alone in the laboratory and forest for years upon years, communing with the plants and with the ghosts of history’s herbalists, healers and true philosophers. We invest in every moment, every breath in researching the healing traditions, the elite herbal medicines, the sustainable ways to preserve them while assisting our clients, friends, and family in their own path of healing.

It is our commitment to a standard of purity, excellence and herbalism as the true spiritual ancestral Way that demands the highest quality and preparation. We work in the original spirit of the Daoist, Vedic and Siddha alchemists, as well as the true masters of European spagyrics and indigenous medicines from around the world. We insist on the finest quality, for health is the true wealth and we spare nothing in ensuring the highest grade from our oolong teas to our skin care products. We strive to invest proceeds to remote Buddhist temples to acquire the spiritual medicines, the jewel pills of empowerment. We give such gifts and the Siddha formula of navapashanam for free with purchases as a true empowerment through taste of these potent spiritual medicines. As our guild research synthesizes the vast Tradition in our own microcosm, we formulate a true Noetic Herbalism that comprises the mindful, ritual use of alchemical, spagyric and shamanic plants. We are honored by your support as we expand and move, and will work even harder for teaching and presencing the herbalist’s Way. #herbalist #plantmedicine #ancestralherbs #apothecary #siddhamedicine #ayurvedic #noeticherbalism #traditionalherbalism #radicalherbalism #navapashanam #jewelpills #herbalism #alchemist #alchemy #solveetcoagula