Ways and Means

Baisaō the old tea seller, with his portable tea stand, as depicted in a gently comical caricature painting of the late 19th–early 20th century

Bottle Gourd Herbs is a collective of individuals hustling and working hard to be autonomous from a beast system that eats up souls and nature like a demon. We choose to consciously and ethically withdraw from the system incrementally and in healthy, sane and strategic ways. We spend money on those that produce quality and we in turn hold our levels of quality to the highest level. Our priorities start with the highest grade herbs, the traditional and ethical harvest, the traditional and most potent, safe preparations that are affordable to one and all. Because it is important to understand that we have decided to invest in ourselves as our own micro-business that in turn invests in hundreds of others who harvest this herb, or make that incense, or work with a village that makes this basket in fair trade non-predatory commerce. The decision to become the self-motivated small business is an important aspect to health and autonomy that allows for the higher pursuits of Life. It is more work, of one’s own volition, sacrifice and motivation. If you sell a few things or a few hundred someone is believing in you and investing their money in you and we honor that with extending the best quality and ethically-sourced products to help alleviate suffering and encourage healing. Because although we take all the risks of success and failure and live or die by or own skills and merits, we are not the boss. It is truly the people, the customer and clients that are the boss and tell us they trust us with their hard earned money and concerns. If everyone has to answer to someone, it is our clients and customers that we seek impress with our high quality products and respect for the Herbal Craft. We seek to honor this and earn the continued respect and patronage by always reinvesting all that trust and funds back into the best healing products in the world. We are so deeply in gratitude to those that have supported us for years, some even decades. We give free gifts and samples in every order and only hope to elevate and increase our personalized touch and devotion to the craft of herbalism as we mature and evolve into the vision of our great teachers. We thank you for all that you do in supporting our works and mission. Wishing all radiant health.