Ancestral Medicines

Please discover our new research partners at for European and North American wildcrafted herbs, spiritual items, writings etc. A lot of wonderful spagyric cosmetics, we will be offering a few select products on here, but check the page for much more.

We have always advocated a multifaceted approach to a proactive herbalist lifestyle. Our personal initiation into herbalism was not through a mere interest, but in finding the remedy for life and death health crisis of genetic disorders triggered in early life by a variety of external factors such as stress, pollution and adverse reactions to medications. The true radiant health is achieved when the complex factors that make up one’s daily life are understood through the lens of spagyric herbalism. These include taking into account such factors as one’s location as well as ancestral heritage. The local aspect is in the importance of eating seasonal, local foods for the specific region one is in, as this aids in tuning the body into a natural cadence and affinity based on the cycle of the year. There can be a few cheat days and indulgences, but to defy the seasonal correspondences by persistently eating exotic or out of season foods can have deeper impacts on health than we know. If one lives in the same area as their ancestors, these will also be ancestral foods. Slow cooked, seasonal, fermented, organic (all food used to be organic) and sourced local from one’s own garden, the woods, local CSAs and small farmers. This heals the body and the community.

The ancestral ways of cooking or farming (adding rock dust for mineral dense foods) and lacto-fermentation as storage is part of the greater ancestral herbalist tradition as well. Humans evolved in specific bio-regions, using specific herbs over thousands of years. To incorporate the ancient adaptogens of one’s unique meta-genetics herbalism participates in the deepest energetic medicine. We discuss at length in many of our writings the essentially signaling character to all of life from birds and insects to pings on cell towers to cellular functions. Herbs are the catalytic signals to balance and return the distorted cellular signals to a cohesive resonance. The power alchemical and elixir herbs of India and China are wonderful for many chronic effects, but if one is of Western heritage, those herbs of that climate have unique properties that are beneficial. We would encounter this in studying with Chinese and Siddha masters, who would often suggest a Western version of a plant, for instance using North American ginseng over Chinese both for our genetics and our locality. Thus we evolve a three prong approach, the local wildcrafted and sourced foods, our genetic herbal heritage, with the world’s supreme herbs that are often found in the crown chakra of the earth that is the Himalayas.

We do our best to select the best, most pure and organic herbs that have helped us, our families or our many clinical clients and patients. We endeavor to keep expanding our range, but do not want them to get lost in massive websites that are overwhelming. So we welcome our newest research partner bringing herbs of the Northern and continental European side of the Indo-European elixir herb spectrum. These are rare Swiss spagyrics and wild crafted forest blends from the deep woods of Europe. We hope to add new research partners specializing in unique regions in world herbal medicine in the future.