Special Daoist Hermit Offering Bottle Gourd Herbs!

The Hermit, alchemists path is the Way towards the final stages of transmutation. The obstacles on the path are innumerable, the anti-tradition has fragmented, broken and hidden as much as possible the initiatory means to True Humanity. The microcosmic essence Continue reading Special Daoist Hermit Offering Bottle Gourd Herbs!

Our guild and teacher are on our spiritual mission, part of an ancient tradition of aeonic theurgy or magical reification to create a new type of Adept. This is a incorruptible Master, strong, skilled in healing, protection, creating abundance and Continue reading

Rare Special Offering!

Rare Special Offering We are trying to reach a goal for this special herbalist training, who is such a wise teacher and central to our guild. We sponsor the retreat and help to raise additional funds with his donation.