Prototype Neo-Dao Cigar Box Apothecary

The Proto-type Neo-Dao Cigar Box Apothecary, either leave as is or with healing talismanic image, sigils….

Please have a look at a side-project in our Neo-Daoist philosophical renaissance: the cigar box apothecary. We advocate a return to folk herbalism, a grassroots revolution of healing and medicine, herbal clinics for the poor, feeding the homeless and empowering individuals with health and skills. We love the DIY ethic, the rustic craft of upcycling back to the hobo and tramp art of cigar box art and craft. We love the survival ethic of the Daoist itinerant herbalist. Being prepared for eventualities is both a strength and power to the self but it’s compassionate and meritorious to help and to be able to help others. After many a decade of studying and practicing herbalism we have made the roughest proto-type of a kit we will refine. It is made in 45 minutes from a broken cigar box that was cut up to form sections for our most potent pills, salves, ointments and balms for the most common ailments.

Opening scene. Yant cloth, bandanna, plenty of surface area for adding to the inside lid.

First shot of the kit, easy access to gloves, bandages and scissors, antiseptic pads and bandaids.

We have our full gammut of the best handmade super powerful Daoist medicine pills from the best Masters and Sages. These are the powerful herbal equivalents of pharmaceuticals. I can attest to their power from halting emergency room visits, from wisdom tooth to broken leg. These include: qi pills, Tibetan long life pills, for wounds, trauma/hit pills, headache, allergies, to menstrual issues, food poisoning, lack of energy, allergies, burns, bites, cold/flu, sleep issues, anxiety, tooth & gum issues, eye drops, honey, black seed oil for internal and external use, drawing salve, rash balm, activated charcoal powder, dragons blood resin wound sealant, suture/sewing kit, dental floss, cordage for tourniquet and fire, survival lighter with metal match for sterilizing, pipette, assorted butterfly bandages, gauze, micra multi tool, measuring spoon, flashlight, deep wound gauze underneath as padding, designated tick tweezers, strike anywhere matches, q-tips, antiseptic wipes, three pairs surgical gloves, assorted bags with biohazard stickers, information cards, scrap paper, sewing kit with needle and thread for sutures or gear repair, some jars have ranger bands around them, elastic hair ties, rubberbands, and telescoping pen and a vial of the most powerful last resort Tibetan precious pills for when things look like they can’t get worse. Plus even a mini Jivaka statue, the Buddha’s Physician.

Small jars of Daoist and Tibetan pills, super powerful, 1 or 2 pills is a complete dose, as good as any pharmaceutical equivalent for symptoms.

Liquids, balms and salves in larger containers.

Lower row of black lid jars (16 total jars) containing various high powered Tibetan and Daoist herbal pills

Some of the items in the middle chamber: measuring spoon, micra multi-tool, telescoping pen, flashlight, ferro rod, Buddha’s Physician Jivaka amulet, pipettes, and vial of last-resort Tibetan precious pills.

Tiny chamber on the left holds vial of wound sealant and jute cordage for various survival/medical purposes.

This is most of the contents of the inner chamber: a huge gauze pad is wedged into the bottom of the chamber, protecting these items from shifting and rattling, Jivaka, metal match lighter with liquid fuel, micra multi-tool, designated tick tweezers and baggies, sewing kit, dental floss, measuring spoon, flashlight/ferro rod combo, also pipettes, mini compass, rubberbands, hair ties, muslin tea bags (some of the tools can be stored inside), room for a bic lighter too…..

A hermit Lersi healing yant cloth and a cotton bandanna which can serve as anything from a filter bag to a sling to a tourniquet to stopping blood, handkerchief, bandage, to signal flag, breathing mask, eye mask, sun protection, etc., even toilet paper or other hygienic cloth. Also a flat pair of hardcore survival scissors (there are also scissors (nail cutter), knife, tweezers, screwdrivers, file, can & bottle opener on micra multi-tool) to cut anything from seat belts, to clothing for wounds. To add a condom and tampon, which have survival uses beyond their obvious uses, such as carrying water, tourniquet, stopping puncture wounds, and fire. Water purification tablets and iodine. Can add duct tape onto the box for bandaging wounds, tape some cash underneath for emergency, emergency numbers, ID, detailed info of contents and dosages, talisman and medicine buddha on outside. One pipette we will be filled and sealed with rubbing alcohol for fuel and sterilization. We might secure it with a large ranger band that has medical and fire starting applications and maybe a firecord/paracord shoulders strap secured by the ranger bands for emergency cordage. This in turn is a modular component of a larger kit that can be stacked together for more specific issues and the replenishing specifics to the kit. The next kit will be a cigar box laboratory and an altoid tin woodsman/hiker apothecary and urban medicine kit as well. Stay tuned for better designs and write us if you are interested in a custom kit for you. TSA travel safe.

The whole kit.