Special Offering: Tantrik Laboratories RasaSiddha Parad Shivling Rasalinga, Ritual Items

Our 100 days of retreat and fasting see their final days rain the blessings from the Guru. Special one time items of empowered blessings, secret gifts and incenses. We fast to bless and secure the Way envisioned, to placate the forces that seek to divert and crush those that seek to destroy. We pacify our internal wayward energies and exhaust the karmic potentials in these deep ascetic sufferings. We prepare the medicines in the purified state, we enter the mountains cleansed, free from the stains of taboo and luxury. We pay our way with our wildharvests, with the fruits of the alchemical stills, retorts and furnaces, working for merit in healing to fulfill the old vows. The Guru blesses the efforts, we press on with the Work. We thank you for your support.