Life is an interplay energy, call and response signals evident from the birds to our own conversations. Our bodies health and immune system is a vast and subtle series of channels and holograpic integrated systems that are communicating back and forth in the rhythmic ebb and flow of life. When these systems get out of balance, from the heat or oxidative stress of life, pollutions, and ageing take their toll. The best of the superfood or tonic herbs are polysaccharides that communicate to cells on a biochemical level, literally enticing, interesting, arousing the vital energies in the body to become engaged and participate in the cellular process. This is the true best use of adaptogenic herbs. While taking them in times of stress will aid performance and endurance, there can be a final exhaustion stage collapse and dangerous adrenal fatigue in over-dependence on stimulants and potent extracts to enhance performance or for energy. So we present here some of our favorite herbs that engage the bodies own innate healing potential in engaging the immune system. We have the Purple and Red Reishi Mushrooms, chaga mushroom, red and black goji, schizandra as well as the ingredients in our usual elder elixir. This is a super concentrated formula in a base of high grade spagyrically prepared brandy, with a hint of ginger and honey. It is great mixed into water for an iced cordial or hot tea, or in mineral water for a superfood soda, it can be put into smaller dropper bottles and watered down for a nice supplemental tincture as well.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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