Fasting Tea

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Whether for spiritual, ascetic, or health purposes, fasting has long been a way for humanity to prepare for religious and healing practices. The great yogis, sages, hermits and saints almost all advocate some period of fasting. The humility and healing induced by simply not eating are profound but it is important to facilitate this process as much as possible by availing oneself of traditional tonics and herbs for the fast. In our own quests for spiritual health we have sought the wisdom of the Tibetan hermits such as Milarepa and include in this blend wildcrafted chemical free and freshly dried nettles for minerals and essential nutrients. We go into the forest for the yogis and add triphala powder for a complete, dosha-balanicing and meridian-cleansing flush and stimulation. We add a portion of Daoist superfood elixirs such as Solomon’s Seal and cordyceps mushroom powder. We follow the sacred alchemical heritages into Arabia and on in to West Africa to find kinkeliba, the tree of health, or the tisane de longue vie as the French called it which is a Sufi fasting herb all over Africa. Rose petals and rose hips add vitamins and a floral delicacy to this robust and healing herbal infusion. Generous 6 ounce (oz.) size for a healthy fasting period. Powders come separate and are add to the infusion for maximum effect and standardized doses.*

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