The ancient bitters of Paracelsus were an alchemical and spagyric preparation made in accordance with carefully harvested and astrologically calculated methods to participate in the microcosmic correspondence that influence health. This is made of 32 high mountain and deep forest herbs, calcinated mineral salts, and spagyrically rectified spirits in a digestive, blood and health tonic that lives up to its legendary status. This is from a recipe and initiatory alchemical tradition kept alive by alchemists like Solazaref, and much more ancient than Maria Treben’s wonderful recipe, which we greatly respect as well, but this is an artisan small batch product with those minerally-rich volatile salts and medicinal herbs soaking in the deep Orme rich deposits in those ancient, unspoiled soils. We import this from a traditional spagyric herbalist trained in the methods taught by the Master Solazaref, using the oldest and slowest extraction methods and handpicked herbs from generations old harvesters using sustainable and astrological timing, ensuring the richest aromatics and resins and principles for each herb. We believe as the ancient doctors that disease begins in the gut, the ability to digest and assimilate nutrients is the foundation of health. We have taken various bitters for over 30 years, with each having their specific value and niche. This is the most complete and overall tonic bitter formula for improving the digestion and blood, improving general health and was taking for a lengthy list of traditional concerns from being too cold, tired and constipated, to indigestion, arthritis and skin disorders. A truly ancient and philosophical medicine of the iatrochemical alchemists of old Europe.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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