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Kapikachhu Rasayana Mood & Libido Honey


Our mood-boosting superfood honey is the perfect relaxing, calming mood-boosting aid to a peaceful self embracing of mood enhancing herbal allies. This is a blend of organic dutch alkalized cocoa powder with our own special extract of Mucuna pruriens, blended at the lowest temperatures to preserve the raw enzymes and nutrients of the raw mountain forest honey.

Mucuna or kapikachhu is one of the highest natural sources of a unique amino acid called L-dopa (levodopa), an essential precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Adequate levels of dopamine are essential for mental functions, emotional health, sleep, memory, motor skills and muscle coordination. Dopamine is known to calm and relax the nervous system, basically providing a shield and buffer that helps to “dope” up the body against stress. It is often referred to as the “feel good hormone” and can be naturally stimulated through various gratifying activities like dancing, exercise and pleasurable sexual experiences. Dopamine may be present in the body but is unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike L-dopa. Once in the brain, L-dopa converts into dopamine through a process called decarboxylation. we find that the addition of cocoa powder creates a nice euphoric synergy.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.