This is a blend from the maternal lineage of the famous Sufi master Serigne Touba, a blend that is said in their tradition to cure any disease except death itself, and this is especially good to take for six months and to fast Mondays and Thursdays for detoxing. This is a blend of the finest raw mountain forest honey, with the best Egyptian organic cold-pressed black seed oil (kalonji, Nigella sativa), with organic cinnamon and a bit of extra virgin olive oil. This will get that embedded residue out of the colon and intestines and detox the blood and aid lung function, aiding all the organs to get back to a balanced function. This is used to help with fertility issues, digestion, blood and lung issues, allergies, skin issues, constipation, lethargy, low immune system, anxiety, sleep disorders and liver ailments as well. This is a deftly blended recipe passed down from ancient Sufi masters and we learn of it in the repository of Sufi knowledge in West Africa.*

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