Fertile soils result in the presence of a harmonic combination of biology, chemistry & energy. We present a combination of our favorite soil fertility products and elements into one blend for home gardens. Food crops, from annual vegetables to tree fruits and grains, grown in fertile soils display higher pest and disease resistance, resilience in climatic variable factors and influences, and contain higher bio-available nutrition. Remineralize your soils!!

Contains: BrixBlend Basalt Microfines + Lignite Ore + Sustainably-produce biochar with added rock dust microfines + Living Stone Organics’ Terra Complete

Bag weight = 5+ lb.
Remineralizes 100 sq.ft.
Comes with printed specifications & analysis sheets and notes for application.

Please note: this product ships separately with an additional shipping charge of $5.30 to our flat shipping rate of $7.50 for a total of $12.80 shipping

Week 1: Adding composted cow manure with Bio-Mineral Soil Remineralization Blend to existing raised bed with “topsoil” fill,
Week 2: With transplants in the bed and bush beans sprouting (foliar fed that day),
Week 4: Two-week growth