For men only.
We always get a lot of requests for something to warm and enliven the energy and potent virile feeling in the winter. So much so that we anticipated this and began fermenting and spagyrically processing a sizeable batch of a special winter jing elixir of remote forest pure pine pollen that is fermented for maximum bioavailability. To this is added Chang Bai Mountain black ant and duanwood reishi lingzhi extract that we make ourselves from the whole fruiting body in a full spectrum extract, and this is harmonized with roucongrong, the ultimate yang tonic plant. We sell this in only the 4oz because that’s the suggested protocol from the master herbalist who taught us this formula. available in limited quantities through the Winter, this is one we enjoy ourselves so much and we try to make it affordable to those struggling with money but still looking to transform their health and wellness. This is a small-batch artisan product and all thanks to the masters that are gracious to teach these cherished secrets and allow us to share them. It is important in sexual alchemy and energy cultivation to not be vampiric and parasitic to your lover, energy is most healing when it is circulated, potentiated, exchanged and circuited through the energetic bliss of sexuality. One quaint term for sex has been “love making” and this has been often lost to more harsh terms reducing this sacred art to a mechanical or biological function, or subjugated to esoteric purposes that divorce it from pleasure and sensuality. Overly detached to the sensual and “loving nature” of intimacy is as bad as the other dark extremes, and an obstacle to an authentic encounter and missing the ultimate playful, erotic and sensual capacity that is unique to being human. Elixirs like these are not meant to replace viagra or for masking an unhealthy lifestyle. Adding these adaptogenic and tonic herbs will give energy and increased sex drive, but if it’s on top of damaging toxic behaviors and a predatory or skewed view of sexuality, it will likely exhaust one’s remaining qi in the long run. So we say to maximize the benefits of these herbs, especially if you are approaching midlife is to combine with a light, reasonable diet and activity and for those in the higher inner alchemies they will see this as a pure elixir cleansing the various fields of those lingering base energies and knotted blockages. A very fine elixir and we hope you enjoy.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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