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The 3 Ginseng Hermit's Choice Herbal Honey

$11.00 - $22.00

For our erotic and energetic needs, the three “ginsengs” of Asia are unsurpassed in their exhilarating tonic powers to kick start tantric bliss or any situations needing sustained energy. Here a little goes a long way, and this is the perfect adaptogen for taking over a long training. We present you with the finest seven year white ginseng root powder from Korea (we advise the popular red in only certain cases but can substitute that if you like), with the Tibetan “ginseng” of high mountain and Thai black “ginseng.” This is a mix we learned from a long time hermit herbalist who had made it a mission to study the various esoteric and herbal traditions that have culminated in various strains of Buddhism, but that due to sectarian struggle have divided a lot of the knowledge and only have partial understanding of the vast and overreaching medicinal systems that inform the various branches of what we knows as Siddha, Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicine. These are expertly combined from organic wildcrafted sources in an invigorating matrix of raw mountain forest honey, this is an erotic, spicy blend especially suited to those wanting to take their energy and libido up a notch.*

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