Our guild and teacher are on our spiritual mission, part of an ancient tradition of aeonic theurgy or magical reification to create a new type of Adept. This is a incorruptible Master, strong, skilled in healing, protection, creating abundance and wise in the realities of these modern times. There is a deep need for true elders, for true shamans, true masters who can dispense the skillful means to evolve and adapt to the occult wars of spiritual, psychological and biological assaults on humanity. We are besieged by those suffering, the masses of addicted, suicidal, unhealthy in the prime of their life, of those lost, overcome by fear, loneliness, doubt. We have split our resources into creating affordable, sustainable catalysts for personal healing and spiritual practices while creating resources and training areas for sincere students who have stabilized their energies enough to devout ever bit of energy to the Great Work. It is through this that we presence the Avatars of the ancestral Gods, the living fire of energies devoted to the propagation of the best of humanity. While see the rise of all the dystopian nightmares of AI, of every deviation from Tradition in the false immortality of virtual worlds we must articulate the truth path. We must focus and aid those seeking the sainthood of the noble hearts, who seek an alchemical revolution of the spirit, a rebellion against the dark forces that have aggregated. We must create true masters in volumes that can exponentially form groups and cells, creating microcosmic ripples until a true energetic critical mass is achieved to influence the potential outcomes that shift in the future.

One can watch the level of full-spectrum assault from the food to water, to media consumed, in shaping and defining a hopeless chaos, a diseased and toxic worldview of mass psychopathy born of fear as the world spirals into ruins. This is the dark sorcery of those whose power is in harvesting the energy of suffering, and in demoralizing any threats through inter-generational conditioning of trauma and nihilism. The result is the generations of fractured minds and souls, seeking every pleasure and distraction, hedonistic at best or suicidal and self-harming at worst. The world was seduced by convenience, progress, of liberation from traditions and promises of leisure. The cost is only our soul, our heritage and our future. Like the indigenous people in the ethnobotanical lore that would sell out their ancient lineage for bags of rice or a shiny modern watch, we have likewise given up so much for quick pleasures, instant gratification and technologies that bind us into even deeper, darker patterns of industrial inhumanity.

The herbalist, the alchemist path is the only Way through this labyrinth back to sanity, back to wholeness, back to Self and the Original Mind. The herbs and elixirs are forces, not substances and have the energetic signatures to rewrite the coded ciphers of life within. We must ripen our bodies, our minds, and our hearts for these true experiences. We must prepare to maximize their effects through the skillful means, the time-tested noetic methods of the ancestors that connect the realms and create the conduits to Memory. The botanical allies are the supreme vehicles for igniting the Secret Fire with which to purge out all toxins. They are the method of the true ecstatic bliss in which must be circulated through the channels. This is the fundamental essence of all energetic inner alchemy, in the Minds supreme mudra in exerting its reign over the body. The persistence of this energy extends into the visionary, the dream world, the astral and into the outer darkness of the Abyss. In this time, it is the supreme method of attainment, the synergy of all paths and the unified field theory of alchemy expressed in the outer elixir with the inner amrita. We are committed to assisting all those sincere in maintaining this path. Your sickness, your deep yearning, your angst is all the calls of the shaman, the alchemist and the herbalist.